Photos of Bielefeld (10 Regt, Catterick Bks.)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Active_Edge_841, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Can any Arrsers out there put a smile :D on an old gits face??

    I'm after photo's of 10 Regt RCT, Catterick Bks, Detmolder Strasse around the 80's & early 90's. Or failing that any later ones after the change to 7 Regt. (Not many changes to the layout of the barracks so they will be pretty much similar to earlier ones.)

    There has got to be a shed load of them tucked away (Hopefully.)

    Mine (The few that I did have.) have been accidently cremated in a garden bonfire recently. :x
  2. BUMP

    There must be someone out there with a photo or six........................................ :(
  3. I dont have any pics apart from in buildings in the 70s when my dad was there.

    When I was there it looked pretty much the same as it did in the 70s, when 10 became 7 the gates were painted from green to red and white and had the wheel with roman numerals 10, replaced with an eagle.

    The chinese (hong kong) restaurant was still good and the pub around the corner (Alte Munze??) was lovely as well.

    Oh and how could I forget caddys!!! :)
  4. Oh, no don't mention the Chinese arrested there by the Monkeys (They were there in double quick time from the RMP Post round the back of camp.) A Group of us had been scrapping with the staff in there...............a long story. :twisted: We were all too pissed to make a quick getaway. :lol:

    The pub round the corner was always good for a beer or ten, with the odd pizza thrown in for good measure. :) Pizza margareta anyone?

    You've set me off now mentioning the old haunts................Eckys (Eckies?) springs to mind, lol.

    The photos that you mention from the 70's would be fantastic, can you send them as an email attachment?

    Cheers. :wink:

  5. Ill have a look for them and set them in frame on saturday morning (god forbid the friday crawl). 10 mark alley was 5 mark alley when I first got there - thats inflation for ya!!!
  6. Cheers :wink:

    Any more lurking out there while I'm at it? :) Photos that is.
  7. Heres one from my B2 in 1990 at 10 Regt (The first Gulf War got in the way and the course had to completed almost a year after this was taken!!) It must have been the longerst B2 ever. It wasn't until later that I found out that a signal was sent out that all pers on courses were to be passed (if they were going to) and RTUd for deployment should the course be more than three quarters completed, as ours was. I was at 14 Sqn at the time (NOT HANDBAGGING!).


    More pics here:
  8. The only thing I remember about Bielefeld in the 80s was PC69s( saw Stiff little fingers & the red hot chilly peppers there) & the Eros center (werent they all called that ?). I was up the road in Herford (7 Sigs) but once got dicked to work in Catterick Bks in a makeshift officers mess while on some poxy comms exersise.

  9. Nice one.

    Any more, for any more?
  10. PC69's was still there in 1996 seen Oasis there a few of us blagged our way into the concert for nowt :D
  11. PC69 is now a car showroom, 14 sqn.....hehehe not handbagging speedy - I don't believe that for 1 second!!! LOL