Photos of Airport Camp Belize Before 1981


The Airport Camp Belize has become Price Barracks, home of the Belize Defence Force and our BATSUB.
The Commandant BDF is trying to piece together a pictorial history of the camp prior to independance 1981 and formation of the BDF and Price Barracks.
If anyone has any old photos of the pre 1981 mcamp, please either send them to me message me for an address) or direct to The Commandant BDF, Price Barracks, Belize.
Perhaps you have a father or older member of your family who served there who might just have some old pics to spare.
Probably have some back in UK, I will try and find on next visit.
Mind you most will be er young ladies from Big C and Queen of Hearts, but definately a few from the Hurricane of 78.


War Hero
The Big C, Oh yes! Superb looking crumpet & always checked by the Doctor each week! Not that I ever took advantage myself of course!
Ladies in Remarkable Good health.
If you drank with the Medic Sgt he would show you their History cards.
The Q of H was put out of bounds in my time a case of Syph occured and so no Troops allowd.
ORC's boys caught me as I was slowest runner on one raid, quick bollacking and now't said to Boss. Ta much.