Photos my friends took in Iraq

Below are some photos my buddy "Gozar" took last year in Iraq. I posted them here earlier, but the thread got flooded by posts that were little more than personal attacks. This is not a political thread, it is simply some photos. It's getting late where I am and I'm busy tomorrow, so this is all I'm posting right now. Gozar took 5000+ photos. Also, I have photos from other friends. Besides Gozar, I know 4 more US Army Soldiers, 3 UK reservists who served in Op Telic 1 in Al Qurnah, 3 US Marines, a Danish Army Medic, and an Author who was embedded with US troops in Mosul in 2005, and spent a month with British troops in Afghanistan this year.

Gozar and F-troop with one of their IA buddies. In the early months of their deployment, Iraqi army recruits were training in the building next to their barracks. They got to know alot of them pretty well. Gozar's experience with them was mixed. He said that overall, he came to respect them as allies, as soldiers, as patriots and as men. However, there were some that he didn't think very highly of.

Gozar and one of the kids. They were the highlight of his company's tour of Iraq. The guys developed an amusing sibling-like relationship with the kids on their patrol route. Both the kids and soldiers knew each others names.

Overwatch. Not long after the photo was taken, a burst of fire hit above them.

I just like the detail of this photo.

Tough guys
If anyone has any comments for the Chief, could they keep them reasonably productive - it's still ARRSE after all! :D

Chief - I like the last one - surprising how much space they've got in the fighting compartment!
Thanks Darth. I'll probably update this tomorrow, but I have to turn in for the night.
All right here's some more. These are some of the others Gozar gave me. Also, he kept a blog during his deployment . It has some other photos (they're all low-res though). I'll post some other pics after I contact the other photographers.

Check out this little kids front pocket

Gozar's gunner "Freakshow", the team's youngest member (19 yrs)

Playing with the kids. The kid's name is Rafudi. I'm not sure which member of F-Troops it is (It's either Dingo, or El T)

The Camp Anaconda Civil Affairs team gave them these backpacks and school supplies to kids. Gozar begged Rafudi (The kid on the far left) to start going to school, with little luck.

Gozar the sniper

Oregon National Guard, Fox 82nd Cav

A highres version of a photo I put in the gallery. This is Gozar's buddy Dingo.

Gozar with the kids. This was last time outside the wire. He and his LT took the Humvee out one last time to say goodbye.

Nicoma, the sweetest little girl in the entire country
We do have a gallery you know, Chief.

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I know, but I didn't want to flood the gallery with septic pics. I thought the Multinational HQ would be a more appropriate place.
Funny story about that photo. 75% of the foliage on his ghillie suit is actual folliage that got stuck to him while he was moving through the brush
Rincewind said:
Chief_Joseph said:
They counted it all?

Rough estimate. The idea is that he went out wearing a simple ghillie suit and came back looking like swamp thing.
Please stop, young laddie. It's boring, you have no friends and you're not fooling anyone. If you're craving squaddie c0ck that badly, I would suggest that you take a trip down to Ft Bragg. I've heard that for a few hundred bucks they'll even throw in a video for you.
These are from RustedAce, a recent aquaintance of mine. The process of uploading these photos can be quite time consuming. I'll probably update this thread on a day-to-day basis. The rest of RustedAce's photos can be found here . . Some of his photos look very bad out of context, but I know the story behind some of them. If anyone has questions or wants to contact any of these guys, pm me and I'll give you their contact information.

Ghetto Armor

RustedAce takin a break in a grassy field

Hidden cache

Springfield Armory Colt 1911 seized from insurgents

There's an xbox there with the game Hitman 2

Redbull, it gives you wings

Spot the non-standard item

Early morning stroll (I think they are in Hit)

RustedAce and his squad of Marines helping US and Iraq soldiers pass out toys.

Moving into an oasis. He has an amazing set of photos of this area. The contrast between this place and the surrounding desert is amazing

Enjoying the grapes and shade

Ancient ruins in an oasis

RustedAce with a flower

Dear Hunting camo being used for furniture.

RustedAce and an IA buddy swap gear for a photo.

This is one of the "Playstation Clubs" that dot the country. I've heard that they're popular in Basrah.

French pistol seized from insurgents

Watching Home Improvement

The desert

Tell me, Chief, why are you under the impression that members of a site called the Army Rumour Service would be interested in seeing pictures of bored squaddies monging about? It's not as if we don't already know what that looks like. I'd wager that those members who are actually in theatre at this time venture onto Arrse with the express purpose of getting away from such scenes for 5 minutes.

If you're really that enamoured with army life, get your backside down the recruitment office. If you just lie about your age, the recruiter can show you how to cheat on a drugs test and fake a high school diploma and you too can be Karbala by Christmas, wishing you were anywhere else on earth.

Now please, stop wasting bandwidth.
Why not make a 'yahoo' photo album? 1) It wouldn't take so long to update and 2) you wouldn't be taking up much space!

Or we can carry on with Crabbies comments, I'm game :wink:
Well, they're hosted elsewhere so I don't think it take's up bandwidth here. And in response to crabtastic, I've gotten PMs from some resident Telic veterans thanking me for sharing the pics.
Oh er misses, was that an attempt of a b*tchy remark towards Crab, Cheif?

Saucer of milk to C_J table, pronto!

Why do Americans call any one who entered a 'war zone' a veteran? I'm not saying they shouldn't be paid their dues but it seems to be a very common word used amoung you all :roll:

Btw; nice pics!

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