Photos from Lord Flasheart - Scary stuff -

Why are you stalking Flashheart? This is the second thread you've started paying homage to him. Do you want to pump him one up the wrong un or what 8O

Flash watch your 6

Frickin none!

RC, please dont stalk me. I have enough problems with a certain overweight, old cretin from the South Coast.
not stalking you Flash.

Just happened to stumble across a few things, seemed funny at the time, especially the geek. Obviously none of them are you!

In true form, your post to hellfyyr was a classic.
Thanks RC. :wink:

As an aside, I never post anywhere on the internet as 'The Lord Flasheart'. Too easy a target. 8)

As for hellfryer, he makes it toooo easy. 'Big Ted' from playschool could outwit him.
Door_Bundle_Mk2 said:
Maybe, but I reckon "Hambel" would be a bit tasty!
I had you as more of a Floella Benjamin fan DB.