Photos from Iraq

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Old Snowy has sent the first photos through from Basra.

    Some good shots of the War memorial, and AFV's and the Sea Fury

    View them here

    Bosses, can we have the gallery bit looked at? Got an "Image not accepted" message when I tried to upload the first time

    One image, is the burnt out/robbed blind image of one of the vehicles from Jessica Lynch's convoy. No bullet holes in evidence!

    If you can't see the AFV shots, try later, as there is a half hour delay on webshots

    Nice piccies OS, look forward to seeing more :D

    If anyone else has their holiday snaps, and they don't compromise OPSEC , let me have them, and I'll get them up on the web

  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Excellent stuff, am waiting for the trouble to reduce, and we stop egtting our vehicles redecorated amd I might get to see the Memorial!

    Nice one OS and PTP!!
  3. Image ten listed as T-80, possible Chieftan?????

    Not sure, but possible, wheels would be 6x 2 gap 4

    funny little exhaust thingys, Searchlight

    Didn't the Shah have some? Did we sell any to Saddam when we still loved him? Can we find out?
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Unfortunately we are still not able to allow users to upload either files or photos. It is a limitation of the ISP that ARRSE is hosted with and one that we are very keen to try and get changed. It is frustrating for us too!

    If anyone wants to email us their war shots then we can publish them on ARRSE. I've moved the ones from your links into our Gallery. Just to be a bit of a spotter for a moment. I think you'll find that your "T-80" may once have been called a Chieftain and that your "T-72's" look a bit more like T-55's to me.....
  5. Just a little slow on the click there BadCO, missed the T55 though
  6. DOH!

    Posting to webshots in a hurry

    Time to do the AFV instructors course refresher methinks :x

    Many thanks Bad Boss.....
  7. EP....the vehicle with the fat geezer stood next to it in the last image is a Chieftain. You're right about the search light (No soviet AFV had them that big). The two large exhausts are from the main engine and the little one above the rear right pipe is from the generator. The up armoured version, Shah II (which this one doesn't appear to be) was supplied to the Shah of Iran. It may have been a captured version from the Iran/Iraq war, but it is definately a Chieftain.

    The ones inside the hangar are T54/55s (fume extractor at the end of the barrel is always a giveaway, frying pan shaped turret (like most Sov kit)and although you can't see it there will be a larger gap between the 1st and 2nd roadwheels) There is also a T55 ARV (2nd one in)

    F*ck me I've turned into a right spotter.......where's me duffle coat? :cry:
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fat bloke, Huh - thanks, MS. It takes some effort to stay fat in this heat. I blame it on water retention...

    It is indeed a chieftain, looks like a pretty early one, ex-Persian, ex-Iraqi, now Brit again, and in good nick too. The others are a couple of T55s, a Chinese knock-off, a T55 ARV, and a ZSU23-4. All are destined for gate guardianship in UK or Germany.

    Thanks to PTP for getting them sorted - too techy for me.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Interesting stuff from M_S, you couldn't do our Recognition Lesson this week? Our normal dull bastard is having a charisma by-pass!
  10. OS

    Great pix mate, thanks. Anybody got any more?
  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    The photo upload thing is now working ( I've posted some more gulf photos in the Military/Telic folder.

    Please send in more by clicking on "submit media" in the picture gallery and uploading any interesting stuff you may have. A5 HC not included.

    Edit: seems I was a little hasty and have broken it - uploads are not actually working. I'll try again.

    Edit 2 (26/8). Working again.

    Edit 3 (4/10) BUGGER! For some reason the comedy phots have just died and you can only see a small proportion of them. BUGGER.
  12. In the spirit of the previous recognition notes, can I just point our that the the photo entitled "7 armoured Bde" should in fact be entitled "entire British army".

    A small but significant detail, I'm sure you'll agree.
  13. I havent seen the pick of the tank your on a bout but havin returned a month or so ago i can say the chieftan styly one is the shah version sold to iran and kuwait we had one on the parade ground at al amarah in the bks we inhabited it was knicked off the kuwaitis in the first gulf and now 16 AABDE HQ has brought it home i believe ..
  14. The Iraqis got a lot of kit off the Kuwaits, who at the start of GW1 had all sorts of exciting things which ended up having their vehicle docs changed, Chieftain being one of them. They (the Iraqis) even returned a few after the War. The Kuwaitis naturally did nothing with them as they were too busy buying up exciting new US and British kit with which to equip themselves. Silly really, as if they'd gone to the Italians they could of got all that they required - kit that looked damn impressive AND had 15 reverse gears.

    Especially from the people who've promised to send some :wink: