Photographs/Images of ATacCS equipment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm currently compiling a booklet on the soon to be doomed ATacCS system. I am looking for photographs of the following equipment:

    Panasonic Toughbooks (CF28)
    ATacCS Hub
    Tape Backup unit
    ATacCS Printer (Lexmark now I think)
    Fibres (ATacCS fibres & ST to ST)

    Please PM me with anything you may have. Only sensible responses will be replied to.
  2. Wouldn't it be sensible to contact the ATacCS (now DII/FD) SST and IS Group RSS? I reckon those are good places to start.
  3. Have you tried calling them?? They're so difficult to get hold of. This is a little experiment of mine to see if this method is quicker than calling the SST direct... Watch this space.
  4. Lazy tw@, get somebody else to do your graft more like
  5. Have you tried a Google image search ?? I bet you could find some ATacCS or even commerically available Toughbooks & (ST-ST) Fibre's !!
  6. [​IMG]

    Does this count? :D
  7. Ain't that the medics current IT system (PHCIS)?
  8. You're more than welcome to draft the document for me if you like...??? No, didn't think so!!

    If you've not got any valuable input to give then please don't give any at all!
  9. Thanks guys. I did carry out a search on Google and came up with some stuff, but was wondering if anybody had anything else (are we really that sad to take photographs of ATacCS equipment???)
  10. Goodfella, surely you're still re-inventing the wheel. The ATacCS SST has all that info already, so why compile a new book from scratch?
  11. The ATacCS SST is currently moving office, now called DIID SST by the way.

    The new help desk which should be up and running from next week is on Blandford 8116. They are moving from Armstrong to the new LSRC, so phone numbers may not be getting answered at present. If you need them urgently PM me and I will give you the duty mobile number.
  12. Supertramp, thanks for the info. I'll get in touch with them. The photos are really just to please the hierarchy etc etc. You know what it's like. I've also already been in touch with an individual at Blandford who will sort out some photos for me anyway. Thanks for the advice.
  13. You not had your CR yet?
  14. Ha PD, it'll be a very sad day in the Corps when it comes to me vying for a place on the board by getting photos of ATacCS equipment. You never know though....