Photographic Print of a woman rejecting a plate of food


Mark The Convict

'We are ALL women in pink cardigans rejecting the burger and beans of life, while continuing to cling grimly to both.'

Words to live by.

Mark The Convict

'It's a swindle! I recently purchased this poster, and while it's lifelike, well made and had a certain, portly charm to it, I have since found out that it's actually *cheaper* to hire Paul Ross to come over and stand against a wall, whenever you feel the need to look at him'

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I might get some of the aluminium foil.

Aluminium Foil 18" (450mm x 75m) - industrial size for your kitchen or professional establishment: Grocery

"This is the most amazing product I have ever come across!

Firstly, the touch is sensational. When you roll it out of the box it creates a smooth, silky feeling across my skin. And the sound, second of all, is great. That crush-swoosh-shimmer timbre is fun to listen to. It would make a great conversation starter. Finally, the look. I mean, talk about glamourous! A shiny silver blanket that reflects the light to create a unique glossy-shimmer to match the shimmering sound it produces when rolled.

So grateful.


Manod Bach - damn you, I had just found the same picture whilst doubtless following the same approach as yourself and looking to see what else The Media Storehouse had to offer...
Perfectly ordinary picture of a woman giving the backhand to a hamburger(?) More worrisome is the other things people looked at after they had their fill of Ms. Bulimia...

Nazi Party capture.jpg

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