Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gaphot, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Ever heard of Army photographers. I met one the other day swanning around. Their task is simple, arrival on wet days via warm lanny, take a few snaps (after re arranging the entire exercise) leave back to hotel and never give anybody their pictures. :idea:
  2. You mean to say you would object if you were offered the job, I know I wouldn't, having said that anything trickier than a squaddimatic point and shoot is beyond me
  3. Yep, i belive that a point and shoot is your limit. These guys are harder to find than my Qms freebies
  4. isnt there a minimum weight limit for the majority of LSNs within this cadre?
  5. Finally, a trade with less soldiering skills than movers! :D
  6. 8O

    Not from what I have seen; they are normally a half battalion in one uniform!
  7. Cargo Aircraft Only!
  8. SD

    Is it possible to have someone with less soldiering skills than the movers???? Except of course for the RAF.

    PS Any chance of any more pictures of the flame haired wonder :) ????
  9. Yep, Photographers! :lol:

    If you can find a photographer, send him to me and I'll willingly oblige :twisted: Any particular requests????
  10. A few spring to mind but as this is a gossip site and not the NAAFI i'll keep my playful thoughts to myself. If you really want to discuss them we can move to the NAAFI if you like :)

    On this thread though i did meet a Phot guy in the Falklands who made a nice sideline in 'Glamour' shots for a lot of the ladies. He did very good work too :) Lucky bugger
  11. Nice Army Photographer lance-jack took some "Conqueror of Bosnia" posed pictures for me, which cost me a fortune when I came home on R&R because he had them published in Soldier. Great phots though, Mrs Cuddles' gay PA used to cream over them! I always wanted to be gay icon...As opposed to being gay and an icon...

    Also he took some great snaps of "a rainbow over Jajce", which grace the wall of my Walt-lair a.k.a The cuddles Cave.
  12. Slightly concerened over the use of the word 'nice' to discribe a man old chap. Hope one isn't putting from the rough with the PA :) Ha ha , only joking
  13. I find that army photographers are on the whole not as bad as the crab ones.

    When we were in Cyprus, a mate of mine took a wedding picture down to the crabs, who we did a lot of work with and were pretty friendly with (so we thought) to see if he could get a copy made.

    The Crab phot pulled out his "RAF Trade Union Red Card" and explained in the manner of a true geekazoid, that the original photographs were taken by a member of the photographers union or some such shite, and that he could not possibly make a copy as it would be violating the photgraphers code!

    Bloody hell, with friends like that, who needs enemies, my mate was just asking for one of those military favours, but not to be in this case!

    Army ones will normally help you out in these circumstances!
  14. Not really. With a roll of 36 exposures .........LOAD!!

    I want to be one!