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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by commander, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi to all Medics

    I need (by end of month) a couple of good Hi res shots if anyone has them of FV432 configured in Amb role.

    needed for a Tankpgrad book (hopefully)

    What I am looking for is a rear shot showing the stretcher layout and poss sitting casualties.

    What I do not want is actual casulites only those doing the invetiable MoD type pose.

    Who am I? firstly not Walt, not press, 44 years in uniform still have MoD 90 but now as a CFAV so not much chance to obtain these shots, check RAC or REME forum ask for Tiffy Massive and he will vouch for me.

    Hope you can help as these seem to be the hardest to obtain. If you need to assure yourself before releasing any PM me and I iwll give you contact number and you can question me more.

    Oh yes print must be capable of being blown to 8" x 6" your name/unit can if wished be credited with it.
  2. No-One initially said you were a Walt or Press...

  3. Operation, you are correct but having seen the accusation levleld to many times at anyone asking for information or photos I thought it would clear the ground, sorry if it upset you, not meant to.

  4. I don't think you upset him, he's still in school!
  5. I may have some suitable photographs - PM me.

  6. And on his easter hols
  7. Apparently so!

    Apologies for dragging the thread off topic.
  8. 44 years in Uniform?! I hope you aren't including Cub Scouts and cadets in that time......
  9. Sorry but why the sarcasm? joined RAC as a boy and have never been out of uniform since, although I am now CFAV as it says in my post, I still carry MoD 90. I am at a loss for the remarks in response to a sensible question. These days there are many who have served longer.
  10. Why the sarcasm? hmmm this is ARSSE and it was a bit of gentle ribbing as per most posts on this site.... As per my PM I am actually trying to help you
  11. Yes I know and sorry to be a bit tetchy and any help is much appreciated, prbably comes from seeing to many threads hi jacked :(
  12. I can't help you directly but try the AMS Museum AMS MUSEUM LINKY
    The curator is an excellent chap and very helpful; contact him, if he can't help directly I'm sure he'll know someone who can.
  13. MarkinTime,

    I already PM'd him with that info, great minds think alike!
  14. It's a gift we share! :D
  15. Thanks for museum heads up, now awaiting a reply as they would only consider the request by email