Photograph Amputees

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pedro1972, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I'm a serving military photographer of 14 years looking to photograph military personnel who have been injured in resent conflict, the images and quotes from interviews would be used in a book and exhibition, with all proceeds going to service charity's. Nothing will be printed without your permission.

    Please get in touch
  2. As a serving military photographer have you considered approaching the chain of command, going via MoD or similar course of action?
  3. fu2

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    Can you smell fish ?
  4. AAGF


    I'm sure there are many who resent it ...
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  5. Yes have done, might as well piss up wind, they just seem to let civvies take all the phots, might have to try the civvies route.

    I have got some willing volunteers, but need more

  6. If you hang about I am sure these chaps can provide some links to amputee devotee gay porn sites for you.
  7. Give the lad a chance gents....lets see the photos you have mucca from the female amputees wing and maybe well show you ours......
  8. have you tried Headley Court or contacting BLESMA, H4H, RBL etc?
  9. Or if your willing to wait the Paralympics isn't far off...
  10. TheIronDuke

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    I think this thread is going to go really well and it has my full support. I shall help.

    So look to your left. Punch the first cunt you see wearing green in the gob and say "Wheres the fucking flids at".

    Whats the worst that can happen? With 14 years in and a camera in your hand, take his picture and claim it is a spakka "who have been injured in resent conflict". Possibly recent conflict?

    There. I have helped. I like to help.
  11. Pedro, have you tried speaking to Headley Court? It's a bit of a sensitive subject, but I know some lads will be up for it. It will also provide a central location for your models as well as providing you with some official top cover.

    You may have had difficulties with the CoC, but if you go about this the wrong way someone high up will take umbridge and you're fucked.

    You'll also get far more out of Headley Court, like how we adapt to amputations, the prosthetics involved and the process involved to walk again.

    If you do it right you'll get access and be allowed to revisit as you wish.

    As a trade of you could offer to give the nurses some basic photography lessons. They often have to take photos of wounds and are shit at it.

    I'm happy for you to take photos of my amputations (less my amputated balls, Jarrod only gets excited otherwise) and I can even give you some imagery of pelvis and femurs.
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  12. Pedro, were you on a course at the PRAC in Catterick a few weeks ago?
  13. Dinger you are no fun!!!