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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Monty417, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone else have a problem posting photos /pics since the new upgrade?

    The problem I am finding is that if I use the URL feature via an uploader like ImageShack, I get........
    ......... error remote file is too large

    If I use the 'Select from Computer' feature I just get nothing and 'Clear Files.' I have discovered that if I reduce the file in size by trial and no max size is specified, I can eventually post one. Obviously, I can't be arsed anymore to bother.

    It was fine before the new upgrade and obviously doesn't apply to everyone, but I know of at least two others.

    Could people who post pics please check it out and see if they can post camera sized pics? You only need to try it, preview and cancel if it is ok and you don't want to post it.

  2. Yep, I cant post pics either
  3. Driving home from work View attachment 69220
    Sent from iPad , from a photo album in the memory
    (No change for me after the update)
  4. I find photo's posted by PhotoBucket fine.
  5. It is only a 42kb pic jarrod. It will alow small pics. Try one from your phone cam..

    See..I can reproduce it. If I enlarged it though it wouldn't.

    View attachment 69222
  6. I cannot post pics from my new laptop and assumed I had done something wrong or that Arrse had taken a dislike to Macs, Lion OS etc. Actually I am happy to learn that I am not the only one having problems.
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  7. You are not getting it. Try a big one....they used to upload easily before. Try saving an older large one from the self taken thread and then reposting it.
  8. Who made me a computer expert? It posts pictures from my phone.
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