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Evening all,

Can anyone reccomend to me a (preferably free) photo slide show programme. Have to do a charity auction gig in a couple of weeks and in the background on tv screen the powers that be want a slide show running with excess of 200 photos of the lads on ops and in rehab. (Powerpoint is an option but your views please)

Cheers for your replies

Well, Powerpoint has the drawback you have to put each picture onto a slide manually, but gives you plenty of control of how long each slide is shown for, and transitions between pics.

Open Office Impress will do exactly the same, but is totally free, so can be copied to any machine without licence worries.

If you are using Windows or Linux however, you should be able to just put all the slides you want to show in one folder, double click to open the first picture and choose "view, slide show" (the exact menu options vary in different versions, but Windows XP onward or the current Linux distributions all do this). You just won't have as much control of timing, but it saves the ball ache of creating slides if you are showing a whole raft of pictures.

Message me if you have problems
Cheers Sean have just downloaded it and will play tomorrow.
Sorry Pete forgot to add that a corporate logo will need to be on each slide

Thanks guys will also bump thread in morning for the day time crew to have a ganders at...

Good morning all,

Just bumped this to see if the day crew has any thoughts on this topic

Many thanks

Gents thank you for your replies and have started to experiment for the easiest to use.
It is a black tie event so we are trying to do our best, will let you know how we get on.

+1 for IrfanView, I have it for various photographic uses, and it's excellent.

On a Pro software level, Adobe Lightroom 3 can produce some excellent stand alone shows, including timed/scaled music if you want.
You can also load backing track(s) and text slides with Picasa when you create a video, to give a more professional feel to your slideshow. If you are considering using a soundtrack use mp3 tracks and there is a programme for merging mp3 tracks to your presentation.
How to Merge MP3 Files

Picasa then works out length of tracks and no. of pics/slides and either times spacing to co-incide with tracks used or can loop around a few tracks if you have a mega long presentation.

Very easy to use.

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