Photo of McGuinness in IRA Uniform

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fifth_Columnist, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. I had intended to simply post a thread asking if other ARRSErs felt that Martin McGuinness, alleged Sinn Fein politician, ought to be charged with his membership of a proscribed organisation after the publication of a photograph of him wearing IRA 'uniform'. He has always maintained that he was not a member of the IRA, only of Sinn Fein, despite the fact that he was widely know to have commanded the Derry Brigade. However, it transpires that he admitted his role in the IRA as part of the running-sore that is the Savile Inquiry into Bloody Sunday - no doubt with immunity from prosecution in order to ensure that the investigation could grind on.

    Today, the Telegraph published a photograph of him in IRA 'uniform', the release of which had apparently been authorised by the terrorist in question, given the fact that he had already revealed his IRA past to the Inquiry. It is, of course, my contention, that the photograph constitutes independent proof of his background, outside the context of the Inquiry, and thus clearly open to investigation and subsequent prosecution (even if it only results in a weekend in a prison and immediate release under Tony Blair's appeasement agreement). At least then, he would be given an opportunity to atone for his past crimes (albeit insufficiently) and would have a criminal record that would be taken into account in the future - and the original sentence could be invoked should he and his kind revert to their previous ways now that their limelight has been stolen by a greater terrorist threat than their own.

    However, when I went to get a URL to post a link to the photograph, there was no mention on the Telegraph website. So I searched the Timesonline, but to no avail. I then did a global Google search and found only one reference, in a N Irish publication. What has happened? Has McGuinness realised his error in authorising the release of the picture and slapped an injunction on the global media? Or have 'New' Labour's spin-doctors been working their magic because 'Tony' doesn't need any more embarrassments at the moment - particularly with the deadline for permanent disbandment of Stormont looming.

    Is there something fishy going on? Do I need to reline my hat with the old bacofoil?
  2. I think he should be charged with theft. Of his sister's white belt. What the fck was he thinking?

    [For those who didn't see the pic: Martin McG is shown in the company of three other IRA bods.* All are wearing gigantic floppy Allo Allo black berets, olive drab combat jackets a la Rodney, and steely demeanours. Two are wearing white (or whitened) Army surplus belts while Martin is wearing something like this:


    * Sorry - three other bods allegedly members of the IRA.
  3. As a young soldier I was given to understand that McGuinness's claim to fame was, that as the 21 year old 2 i/c of the Derry Brigade of the IRA he was the man who took the Tompson to the Brits on that Sunday.
    Hate him and his gang just as I hate Pasily and his mob.
  4. I don't think the Unionists have any intention of allowing this filthy creature into Government again - at least, I hope not. Even if it means a diminution of the democractic process in one sense, it would be a gross betrayal of it if a criminal representative of a criminal organisation gained office.
  5. Good call, Jonwilly, I totally agree. Anyone who deliberately takes up arms with the express wish of killing people owes humanity a debt. I do think, though, that plenty of our side have done deeds which can be described, at best, as shameful. We can talk about being provoked and so on, but every side in any political conflict has suffered and no side is 100% right or 100% wrong.

    I think the best route for all involved is to move forward, not back. A lot of people still suffer from common sense deficiency disorder - McGuinness simply is not going to be locked up for being a member of the IRA - we all know (the old saying 'the dogs in the street' know) he got all the way to the top and he has blood on his hands, but to end a conflict either one side obliterates the other or each side has to achieve a dialogue. In the NI case, it wasn't a unilateral military victory so we talk and settle our differences.
  6. I would be interested on what Your take of "our sides" "shamefiul actions were. Further, I would ask how an undiscussed surrender by a terrorist force is not a "unilateral military victory"
  7. Yes Cardinal,
    Too much innocent blood spilt on, whatever, side of the community.
    I would like to think that one day Peace will rule.
  8. Come on, Mister Naïve. A few terrible ones - one, in particular, that I cringe over - the Argylls patrol who did over a couple of farmers in what became known as the Pitchfork Murders. Our guys did plenty of illegal stuff - a guy in my unit was kicked out for giving a copy of the little RUC photoboards to local loyalists (funnily enough, around the time when mad dog was killing catholics in the early 90s). Lots and lots of UDR guys were also members of the UVF and UDA, carrying out sectarian murders in their spare time (for example the Miami Showband executions). In the early days, our guys often ransacked houses not just to get the job done but in some cases for pure destructive joy- what did that achieve? Increased resentment among the target population and consequently increased recruitment for the other side...hardly hearts and minds. Fortunately in most cases, our guys who acted in such a way were caught and locked up or whatever - that's why we retained the moral high-ground right until the end.

    Let's just revisit my phrase 'unilateral military victory'. Did you note the keyword 'military'? We were the better force, although they were very good at the guerilla tactics that are now common among foreign terrorist factions - however we did not win by military means. We won because they no longer had the political will to win, having pretty much achieved equality in ulster, and they no longer had public support from their side for continued bloodshed. It was a political victory all round, albeit with concessions on both sides. I think you fail to see the bigger picture, fella. Hopefully time will prove to be a healer.
  9. Nice one Dr Evil :D :D , I think that is the actual belt he was wearing.

    Cardinal, I know that you are right and that someone has to 'be the grown up' and stop the 'he started it' cycle - and I suppose that was the conclusion that I ultimately expected to distil from the responses on ARRSE. However, I think the more interesting question is the level of control of the media that is apparent in the story's sudden disappearance from the mainstream, even on the web. I know that the photograph was extremely unhelpful in this, the 'last chance saloon' of devolution, and I have no doubt that it served once faction's purpose admirably to time the release in the lead up to the Stormont deadline. However, whilst leaking information at a convenient time is easy, surely withdrawing information this effectively is much, much more difficult. We like to think that we are in a free country, with freedom of the press, but if the Government can manage this within a few hours, what else are we not being told?
  10. maybe it was'nt the gov
    rather journos sick of NI and not stupid know if there being used.
    only an idiot would think gerry and his little band of murderous thugs ar'nt guilty as hell.
    but there the ones who can be dealt with rather than the omargh types who want to keep the whole tragic thing going :twisted:
  11. Actually wee Marty is fairly well liked by the Unionists Pols; it's pompous Adams and the santmonious likes of Babs De Bruin they hate.

    The Unionists never swallowed the fiction that the people who led SF did not also command PIRA, this was a London ruse allowing them to grovel for mercy before active murderers of their citizens.

    Practical chap wee Marty. Had a magical ability not to get nabbed by the authorities during the troubles, when he did get nabbed he got let go, it seemed God was watching over him or at least some higher authority.
  12. any chance of a link to the pic of the allegedly 'outed' Mr McGuinness
  13. That was me (from the window on the 2nd floor at Castlereagh). I couldn't believe the deference given him by the uniforms, and he sure as hell knew that he wasn't staying there for long. They let him stand by himself in the carpark (no escort) for a long, long time before asking him is he would accompany them etc...
  14. No! That was the point of the original post. Although there are 700,000 copies of the Saturday Telegraph out there, they are nothing more than tomorrow's fish and chip wrappings. By some remarkable feat of media control, all reference and links to the photo appear to have been removed from the web.