Photo of IRA girl cica 1970's ?

I think this is an IRA propaganda from the late 70's, I can't find any info . Anybody know, what, when & why ?

The weapon is an AR 18.



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Who ever was firing back at her appears to have missed quite badly
Good grouping though


Reasonable use of cover, but poor application of the marksmanship principles. She appears to be straining to bring her head down to get a decent sight picture, as opposed to having the butt higher in the shoulder for a more relaxed shot. Given that 'she' is in a dress, are you sure that it isn't a Royal Marine?


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it could be a bloke in a wig. look at the hands and legs, beefy hands and not very shapely legs, most wimmin under 40 can still produce a shapely calf when required.
This is one ridicules proper-gander photo ...... With no question.

The way she holds the rifle is wrong, so is her body posture, and a direct line of sight looking at the ground confirms that this lady aint going to hit a barn door let alone a target (possibly a moving one) at any range!

Reminds me of the "Baader Meinhof Gang" style of pic from the 1970's. but could well be IRA orientated.

Hang on ......Those masculine looking hands suggest this could be a bloke masquerading as a woman !
Pull the trigger and kick in the chest.... IF she,,, is she a she... no longer breathing so good.


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Pull the trigger and kick in the chest.... IF she,,, is she a she... no longer breathing so good.
kick in the chest? its an ar18 not an slr!


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an ossie? - could be.
Shouldn't she be on her back getting rattled by the lads from the local roulement Coy like a good IRA girl... purely in the interests of int gathering, targeting for a honey pot of course :D
Holding the rifle in that position is asking for a whole world of hurt, the stock is to long, her hair will get trapped in the slide, the recoil is going to leave her with a bruised tit (if it doesn't knock her off balance first). Very slack drills.

And yes I would although she would be close to 80 now.
Depending when it was taken, wasn't the female wing f the IRA used more for G1 and G4 issues than G3?
Did a little experiment ...... I showed this pic to the wife without telling her anything, the first thing she says is "That's a man" ... and he forgot to shave her legs !

Women have that natural observational talent you know!

So we are now looking for a "tranny" terrorist !

Could do with some ironing lessons too regarding his skirt. :)

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