Photo of boy as human shield on Israeli vehcle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 14, 2004.

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  1. I am winding up lefties on another means. One of them, an Israeli, complained that the British Army tied Boers to the front of trains so they would not get blown up. I reolied that the IDF still do much the same, having recently seen a picture of some young Arab lad tied to the front of an IDF jeep type vehicle.

    Can anyone post a link to such a picture?


  2. it happens all the time in normal life, the dustmen down my way have a teddy bear tied to the front of their muck-truck.
  4. Bravo Bravo is looking for a link
    I know the photo. It may have been in the Torygraph ( dead trees version so no link). Captioned and looked like Border Police rather than Army (doesn't make it right ).

    Israelis tie Arab boy to police jeep 'brutal bastards'. Arab terrorists tie boy to explosives..'poor heroic dears'.

    The photo showed no background so it could have been photographed in Bradford. :wink:
  5. I remember that recent photo, and it was the Border Guard, a very tough bunch of b*stards. They recruit highly from Druze, Circassian, Bedu population in Israel and are known to a more tough element within the Border Guards.
  6. Go for it my son, aim for the vulnerable area between the turret and the hull!
  7. For a bit of balance where are the photos of the pregnant women and children being blown up, or the mother of five machinegunned in her car.

    Sorry guys wrong is wrong and it's one thing looking at a boy stoning a tank and another looking at blood and snot on the pavement. Now show the tank rolling over the boy it might be a differant story.

    The Israeli Govt is a long way from being acceptable but then the opposition are not terribly PC themselves.
  8. As above, they are just as bad as each other. The US are going the same way, the whole eye-for-an-eye approach just don't work in this day and age.
  9. Cant see what the fuss is excellant use of available resources

    :D :D
  10. welcome back LWM :D
  11. thanks guys, job done.

    Some gloating Israeli posted on anther site, after seeing the fake Mirror pics, saying that "the British Army in Iraq where no better than the Jews in Israel."

    I took exception, and one of his arguments about how bad the Brits are, was the fact that in the Boer War we tied Boers to trains to stop them getting blown up. I remember seeig the photo in question, found it, posted it.

    He has since changed the subject.
  12. good one BB
    having said that i can safely say that there will be no peace in isreal/palestine for many years to come

    i was lucky to go before it all blew up again to see jerusalem and bethlehem was enjoyable and fascinating it was on a cruise from cyprus where i had my holiday
  13. While I don't agree with either side using force excessive to need, can I throw a little bit in here without getting kicked?

    The average age of a serving (conscript) in the Israeli army is 20...
    They are in a situation of threat daily...
    Now look at the pics again and think NI in the 1970's...

    You defend yourself...
    That’s what I see...
    Kids defending themselves just as many on here did...

    Stone throwing looks harmless, until you’re the one the stones are aimed at...

    Sorry but it's not right, but it's not wrong either...
  14. BBC - I agree - no side should be kicked. Especially not you.

    When I did that crazy (for a bird) patrol in Iraq, I was sometimes quite happy to have the kids running alongside me. At least their parents wouldn't blow their own kids up. Hence, I would be safe.

    Its not fair to either side in any "war" to have people die. And not fair to use kids as cover. (But I was bloody glad of them that day.)

    I hate unfairness. I really do. That is the only thing I hate in the world.