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Hey, i've just got given a framed photo of my girlfriend and i wana take it to Phase One with me, will i be allowed to hang it up on the wall by my bed or won't be allowed to nail anything up?? If not, is there a bedside table by our beds that i place it??
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Nail her up???? is she good looking
Probably not for the first few weeks until the training staff become a bit more 'lenient' regarding them kind of things. I don't know.


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Is she wearing webbing?
The Army Foundation College have desks which you could put it on. or just pin the photo to the pin board dividers in your room, if that's where you are going. But bare in mind wherever you go you will have to share a room with some of the most sexually depraved young men for several weeks lol :D so your girlfriend may become a subconscious release lol So I hope you have thick skin :lol:
Put the picture safe in your "privacy drawer" or similar (the lockable bit inside the locker).

Ask her for more pictures, if you want. Especially of the "pink" variety :D

She might even let you do a "photo shoot" before you go, if she seems in some way agreeable to it (but not yet) make sure your write EVERY week or a bit more until your next leave. Then she'll be well up for it.
You want to really nail it up. although it kinda needs to be permanent for your stay.
1 x hammer drill
1 x size 6 drill bit
1 x rawl plug
1 x screw to fit rawl plug
1 x screw driver

Make sure you dont drill into a wall over a light switch/socket.

If the Permanent staff ask awkward questions just say you got permission off the RSM/RQMS/QM etc... You may even chuck my name into the frame. I don't mind.
You'll have a pinboard above your bed, we were encouraged to put stuff up to prove we have personalitys.
Make sure it's wipe-clean.

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