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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. About 2 1/2 years ago I took this picture of the sun from a NW beach:
    View attachment 57657

    At the time I just liked the vision of the jet trail in relation to the sun and it wasn't until I looked at the photo later that I noticed the spot at the sun's 11 o'clock. Just assumed it was a planet (Venus or Mercury) and carried on. Until about 5 weeks ago, my father-in-law told me about a picture that he took of the sun whilst up in Carlisle, and a strange spot appeared near the sun. He'd done some googling and decided it was the comet Nibiru and we were all doomed! It brought to mind this photo, and I've recently posted it on the "self-taken photo" thread to ask if anyone could identify the object.

    Had some interesting results, apparently with the camera I used (a humble Nokia 6300), it couldn't be a planet, satellite or comet as the exposure isn't long enough. Majority opinion on a astro-photography website is that it is lens glare, but if this is the case, big coincidence that the FiL got the same image...

    So I got back on the phone to him. In the image he took in Carlisle, the spot was at 9 o'clock. He's gone on a bit of a mission now and says he takes pictures of the sun whenever it's a clear day and the object appears in every one, but in different positions. Today the image showed the object at the sun's 1 o'clock. He uses different cameras and at varying times during the day.

    So for the experiment: I'd like the good people of ARRSE to take a photo of the sun (big shiny thing in the sky, not the red top rag!) and post the image on here, with time of day and rough location.

    And no doubt there'll be some bright sparks out there with ideas as to what the object is, this is the NAAFI after all! :nod:
  2. I's a UFO, obvious, innit!
  3. You're only a UFO when you're teaching in your gimp suit. Mind you, most people know that's you then as well...
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  4. You could have put this in the science forum as the thread title coupled with your callsign being a known female will have the old pervs getting in a lather.
  5. I'll take my Camera out with me tomorrow..that'll be any chance of the sun being out fucked for the day I suppose.
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  6. The place is Tatooine, you are Leia, and I claim my 5 pound reward, or approx $7.50 in the money they use over here
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  7. I see no spots. If it is a meteor aimed at Carlisle it can`t do to much damage, but I would like to know when it`s due to strike so I can get the old man to move out for a couple of days.
  8. it is Nibiru ;-)
  9. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Have to say my first thought was lens glare, and it fits with the "always appears but never in the same place" observation. The point where the glare focuses through the lens onto the image (forming the spot) would change with the slightest tilt of the camera.

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  10. Would you expect that with using several different types of camera though?

    Just googled some images of lens flare and I see what you mean although the images found seem to have some sort of halo effect at well.
  11. The real question is what sort of fucktard wanders around the beach taking photos of the sky?
  12. It's bloody obvious 'innit......... a dirty great hole in the ozone layer. :)
  13. Any chance of some upskirt shots whilst you are at it?
  14. I know I just used to use my binoculars
  15. From reading your various posts I've got the impression that you've got plenty chicks over where you are (yes even ones with dicks).

    I've considered myself desperate at times but not to the point that I ask an Arrse lady for upskirt shots. The thought is making me feel ill.

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