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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Franz, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Howdo,

    Just a quick question for thoes in the know. Can anybody else in the army, other than thoes who are Army Photographers, get on any of their courses without actually wanting to retrade?

    I'm not in yet so I know I'm jumping the gun abit, (well pole valuting past it, I know), but at the moment I do photography semi-professionally and wouldn't mind if it were possible to continue in some capacity in the future.

    Any thoughts/piss takes welcome.

  2. I know it was a long long long time ago, but I went this route.

    If it still exists, that is....

    Ask for a U.P.I. Course. Unit photographic Instructor.

    Was 1983. Went from 3 ADTR Duisburg Prior to OP Banner tour.

    Was sent to JSSOP. RAF Cosford. Joint Services School of Photography.

    More details if required.
  3. I'll give you updated advice! the only trade in the army that specialises in photograhpy is the RLC, its a dying trade and if your fit and keen you'll get bored easily. To be honest if your a keen photographer join whatever trade your interested in then do the unit photography course. This course enables you to keep your hobby alongside a suitable trade ie REME/RLC/RE. However, remember, soldier first.
  4. Heard recently that DRLC was going to bin Photographer as a trade, they were going to transfer it to the Int Corps.
  5. If you're that keen to go photographer, why don't you consider joining the RAF as one?

    Or if you join the RN, you can recat to photographer or become Intelligence Camera Operator. Good course to do.

    Saying that, promotion is ultra shite and I know the RN Photography branch are lower pay band...
  6. Why dont you tell the master photographer because it will be news to him
  7. after much investigation there is no such animal

    Sorry to dissapoint
  8. I had a similar experience to otts. I believe the course was NI Unit Photographers (long time ago so can't remember the proper title) and it was definitely connected to our upcoming Op Banner tour. As that is ending I don't know if the course is still given though. The idea of the course was to have someone to deal with the results from the patrol cameras.

    I enjoyed it I must say: It dealt equally with picture taking as well as development (All wet film which tells you how long ago that was!). Nowadays I'm sure it is all digital though at the time we did get a play with a handheld IR video camera that we all thought was drop dead cutting edge - you could buy them in Dixon's a couple of years later!!

    One drawback though, and maybe you would find this an advantage, is that I got stuffed with being the unit photographer for a least a couple of years after we got back. :roll:
  9. Are you the master photographer? If so, see above.

    Trades not getting told critical stuff about their future is commonplace. If the chief cameraman is reading, he should give DRLC a call sharpish and explain why the RLC should continue to have/train photographers, because DRLC's view is that it shouldn't, and he's about to give them to the Int Corps.
  10. DRLC is in the habit of binning trades with no forethought, consultation or planning.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The army's photographic dept. is entirely digital now. I believe that the RAF still retain a large format film capability. An RLC phot will be trained in videography and video-editing as well as photography (at least at Advanced Phot course level).

    As for rumours of a re-badging; initially there were moves afoot to move the trade to the AGC, but this came to nothing. Ref the RAF, they were not recruiting any more phots as of the beginning of this year, being as they are, fully manned in that trade. Naval phots? Really not impressed with them or their product.
  12. what you will also find is that the photo dept is part of the tri service not just the Army i know i tried to retrade about 4 years ago
  13. i am in the rlc and have ben serving for about 10 years. i am interested in doing my photographers course. any one know where they are running it nowetc. how easy is it to get on the course?
    i also need info please people
  14. i found hard to try and retrade to be in the photo dept it what you would call dead mans shoes i did not get in but i tried for about 18months and i was told that for me to get in i would have to wait for someone to leave the ARMY first.