Photo, can anyopne help

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by kpickles, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I'm new here, and would like some help if possible.

    Pic is of my uncle victor, somewhere hot??? Not sure what he did where he served etc etc, all I have is this pic, can anyone deduce anything from it???

    He served through the 70's I think, and took his own life when he came out.

    Any ideas??? thank you Kirstie

  2. Since nobody has yet been able to help and with your permission, I can advertise this on another site. The more people you ask, the more chances there are somebody will perhaps know where the piccy was taken.

    Please PM (Private Message) me, email me or leave a post in this thread and I'll post it on the other site for you.
  3. I can't help much with the question, but with the photo being b&w, the timing would suggest 50's or early 60's (most photos in the 70's would have been colour). The photo dimensions suggest either 127 film (Box Brownie - type camera) or professional, though the quality of definition suggests the former. (A professional wouldn't have had the sagging volleyball net in the background).

    I suspect that somewhere out there is another, almost identical, photo but with another bloke in the frame (taking turns to hold the camera).

    It's the sort of photo that's taken when somebody's on their first overseas posting, early in their career.

    As I said, not a great deal of help in itself, but if you get some more information, it may help you fit bits of the puzzle together.

    Good luck.

    PS Wearing whites, I'd guess at Hong Kong, but there are other places where it could have been.
  4. Probably 60's - looks to me as though he is holding an SLR.
  5. Hi Kirstie,

    Do you have any other pics, or a better quality scan of that one? A bit more detail and we might be able to pick out the capbadge then we can you tell his unit and you'll get much more info...
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I loaded the pic into PaintShop Pro and used all the tweaks I have used to enhance all my familiy's photos but sadly it brought nothing extra to light.

    My only comment is he looks VERY young, maybe even too young to be a Junior Leader. A cadet maybe?

    A most unusual picture.
  7. Singapore?
    Georgetown (Malaya)?
  8. The reason I'd like to post it on the Army Aviation website is that we have many older and bolder as members including some who have wandered across from the Kluang Revisted website. That means Malaya approx 69 ish. Got to be worth a try.
  9. Hong Kong Police??

    Could be Penang or Malayan mainland?

    Maybe a photo from Kenya or Rhodesia - looks kind of police rather than military but the rifle looks SLRish. In short - dunno!
  10. Posted on the Army Aviation website as promised.
  11. Definitely an SLR Could the pic be in Cyprus? the building in the back looks fairly recent
  12. That cap-badge looks like a Royal Pioneer Corps one...although having looked at it again it looks like REME too! Somewhere hot anyway for sure.
  13. Having a good look at the tw*t and badge looks like it could be a red band possibly RAOC?
  14. Do you remember how tall he was? We could scale him from the rifle and see whether it suggests he was a cadet at the time the picture was taken. Might help. The SLR he's holding is 43" overall. I make him 5'3".
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I thought it may be RAOC aswell. Cap looks to have lighter coloured band and badge RAOC shaped. Possible collar dogs? although could be shadow, which don't look RAOC shaped.

    Queens Regt??