Photo call, anyone help?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by coldwardinosaur, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. Need help if anyone can. Got to know on OLD ex-RSigs Nat Serviceman, who was based in Oxford Bks, Munster in 1953, for 18 months. Was tasked with listening to Russian/East German morse messages, and still remembers it vividly. Nice bloke, pushing 80, and loves to recount old stories. I spent my first BAOR posting in Munster, so this is common ground. To cut a long one short, does anyone know where I can get any photo's of Oxford barracks, pref. aerial, or can remember the name of the main road it was on, so I could try to Google it? My time was at the other end of town, or in the Mini-sports bar and Scotch 67!! Cheers.
  2. Welcome to the site, Coldwardinosaur!

    If you Google "Oxford barracks" you might find your answers! Google Maps will probably give you a reasonable overhead view too.

  3. Thanks. Already tried that, and it just shows the same location as York barracks. Gives it under the name of "Oxfort" Kaserne, with the same Gremmendorf address. I know the barracks were somewhere close to the BMH, but looking at the photo's of that, (which is now a Dermatology centre), I'm still no closer to finding it!
  4. Are you looking for the barracks off Gievenbecker Reihe? Main gate on Roxeler Strasse? Enter "Gievenbecker Reihe, Munster" in "Fly to" in Google Earth.

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    Not the first time the question has been raised, it seems...

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    And if you get Series 3 and 4 of "Soldier, Soldier", you can take a trip down Memory Lane.
  5. Much obliged. These photo's will probably help. Thanks.
  6. The address seems to ring a bell. I wasn't too well up on the geography of North Munster, having only strayed as far as the Dalmatien pub in the student quarter! (I do remember the excellent bar food, for a really good price, though.) Thanks for the information. My old mate will be chuffed.