Phorm - BT/Virgin/Talk Talk will track websites you visit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Garhwal, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Many people are not aware that BT, Virgin Media and The Carphone Warehouse's Talk Talk have signed a deal with a company called Phorm.

    So what's so bad about this you may ask?

    Well the ISPs will send details of every website that you visit and all the key words that you type into search engines to Phorm (a company previously involved with adware - not adaware) who will analyse this info and then use it to target advertisements at you. They claim that the whole process will be done without using your IP address or any other details.

    This is causing huge concern amongst users with regard to their privacy and security. The usual No 10 petition has started.

    They say you can opt-out, but this is based on storing a Phorm cookie which is not the best way of doing it. The ISPs above have not exactly been honest with their customers about how they are going to get the users consent under the DPA either.

    More info

    So you've been warned.
  2. I'm not that fussed, if someone wants to see what I've been looking at crack on! Even better if they are using it to target advertising towards the sites I am looking at.

    I can see it now, a pop up or advert for loans, debt management, new car, student loan, miracle hair restorer, you inherited £160'000 from a diamond mine in, discount Viagra, please help - Jesse has cancer, please confirm your bank details, etc, etc.

    If they think I'm going to have a look at their adverts whilst I'm looking at some of the most disgusting porn I can find then they need to have a think about how many people actually utilise their ads. (If they were to advertise Kleenex, Vaseline, handcuffs and whips they could possibly get my business.)

    Anyway, back to the donkeys, KY jelly and the horny midgets! :twisted:
  3. But did you know that your ISP has to keep a log of every web site you visit. For 6 years??
  4. I haven't been on any site for 6 years!
  5. Your missing the point. The fact that a 3rd party is able to log your data and this is done with layer 7 redirection means they get everything. Type your credit card number into a site they get it. It's only on their word that you can take them when they say they won't look at that data, they still process it.

    Imagine if Royal Mail opened every letter addressed to you and then sent you junk mail based on what they had found in your mail. Would you be happy with that even though Royal Mail claimed the process kept you anonymous?

    It brings up serious issues with regard to security because if someone hacks this system or they have a disgruntled employee the ramifications could be huge. Not to mention that it's a thin end of the wedge for allowing outside agencies to monitor you and everything you do on the web. Someone knowing that you view midget porn is the least of your worries.
  6. 'Imagine if Royal Mail opened every letter addressed to you' Imagine Royal Mail actually employing someone with enough sense to actually get your mail through your letter box instead of leaving 'On Her Majesty's Service' letters on your drive way and not even bothering to get signatures for recorded deliveries. (Army ID card)
  7. *"...when..."
  8. To quote Ed Balls, "So What", Quintillions of users, who, and how many scrutineers are going to be employed, and then again, Who is going to Guard the Guards.??
  9. Once again it's the part of the long road to giving up your personal info.

    I detest sites that install programs on my PC without consent. If I want one I'll ask for it. If I want to see ads directed at me I'll ask for them.

    Anyone watching porn (I've heard there is some on teh interwebs) will already have a "tracker" somewhere on your system. Just run spybot or adaware and see how many "data trackers" & "data Miners" show up.

    Some jackass in a Milton Keynes tracking office looking at data from a person in Newcastle may not seem like a big deal but what of the people who live in Milton Keynes ? (ok - a place that deserves a direct hit from an artillery shell anyway) :)

    The issue is - what is "done" with this information, who will protect your identity ? who will they pass it along too ? How many times do you hear of "a laptop containing 16 million identities" has been found in a car, dumpster, side of the road, etc.

    Fcuk the ad companies and fcuk the ISP providers.

    Rant over - time to check if Lady Sonia has posted anymore jack off clips.
    (reminder to self - must run adaware again today).
  10. Huh! I got a dose of Castor oil not long back on here for daring to suggest that peeps were being peeps were being monitored, seems I was wrongly medicated.
  11. Does this mean people like us will be offered animal husbandry products?