Discussion in 'Juniors' started by blackpep, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. just phoned the mpgs office.some garbled automated answer,
    not takeing on at the moment tomany TRYING to join :thumbdown:

    who are thay triying to kid???
  2. They do answer eventually mate , it just seems they man the phone at weird hours. You either get straight through or that answer phone will kick in , indicating no one is there not that too many are trying.The vacancies are there.I got one recently after widening my prefered area choice.Just keep trying mate but don`t expect instant results with them.
  3. You'll find that Scotland and most of the north areas are full, so they wont recruit for there. If you want London and surrounding area you'll be quids in, nobody wants that area :thumright:
  4. I left the job recently.based in a midlands location. all 5 sites in the group were short. at least 2 bods on each site. the mgs has froze recruitment and transfers. BUDGET. remember, it was bought out by the mod police. the mod is scaling the mgs down, not up. try the mod police instead. they r at least recruiting.
  5. well i'll try anything to get out this s*i*e hole,nosey git is the money any good?
  6. the starting wage is around 18k going to 19,500 after training. postings r limited but job roles can be more varied and specialized when the slots appear.
  7. My site commander is an ex-mpgs recruiter and he says they have over 800 people on a waiting list for jobs. Although lots of sites are undermanned still. Most people do want to go north i suppose!
  8. No i would like to stay here in the midlands.well in fact theres 1, 10 mins up the road.
  9. Kineton
  10. Tryed all week to phoned them still no joy???
  11. I know they are pretty well full up at the moment , Having said that i know my unit is looking for more people.
    Keep on trying , I reckon it is the best thing that i have done !!!
  12. what part of the country is that then???
  13. if you have phoned recently you will be told not to bother till mid june as completely full up haha as if !!! cant open sites quick enough apparently
  14. Or stick with the MPGS and have a better starting salary and 30 days leave a year , also all the perks of being in the Regs again.