Phonetics challenge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. OK folks, best translation wins a big kiss from chickenpunk's dog:

    an yar 9 T nay T 2 ? duz sheep hiss u offer wot?
  2. Anya, nighty night too? Does she piss you off or what?

    Can I have kiss from my own dog? Moody, come here!!!
  3. Wrong loser: no kisses 4 u
  4. Before I do myself irredeemable damage by attempting to get inside Anya's psyche, what kind of dog is it? :D
  5. goun fukurself m8 I 8ntno dawg
  6. There's a pic in the gallery.
  7. r u shoor, mi m8 sed u woz. iz he rong ven? (i know you're not moody)
  8. An-ya nine-t-een eigh-ty-two does she- p-iss you off- -or what.

    Do I win a prize?


  9. Oh yes, big kiss coming up from the land shark :D
  10. Sh*t, you beat me to it, I was just flossing in anticipation.
  11. Oh come on we shouldn't pick on fellow arrse members just because they like to post drivel, can't speak English properly, type, spell or engage in any sort of intelligent conversation and are pikey to the core.

    Oh, wait... :)
  12. anya 1982 does she piss you off or what?

    It took a while :roll:
  13. 4 Rses 2 ponde Rover :D
  14. Army of 1 wrote

    The same Army of 1 who coined

    and was very tender when I flagged it. :?

    Pedantry and snobbery are not the reasons I draw attention to spelling or grammar. Mr Fingerz and Army of 1 are giving Anya 'spelling grief' over on the Military History forum. A moderator is joining in. ARRSE really does have cancer.
  15. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Anya1982 wrote:
    ermmmmmmm winde your neck in and take a deep breathe you twit, i was referring sending it there as a joke, damn lighten up

    I'll consider it, once you've mastered the basics of the english language.
    Guinness. It's the first food group.

    Hardly spelling grief Seadog.