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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. I attended a funeral in my home town recently. As always for such things, it was at short notice, so I quickly booked the hotel over the telephone, grabbed my bag and drove north.

    I reached the hotel at 11pm, tired and grumpy after a long drive.

    The Glaswegian girl checked the computer and the computer said "Nae Jimmy". I rummaged through my bag and found the booking reference. She typed in that and said "Oh, sorry, Mr Tango, we do have your reservation". I smiled gratefully whilst my brain caught up with the conversation. Had she really called me "Mr Tango"?

    She had, and for the rest of the visit I was Mr Tango.

    God knows what happened to the rest of it! :twisted:

    Mr Lima India Tango Oscar Tango Echo Sierra :D
  2. Brilliant :D

    Did you sign the guest book "Mr Tango"?
  3. If you will insist on travelling that far North Litotes!

    You know when you've been Tango'd...

    Hat, coat and meter ticking.
  4. was the rest of the "Alpha" team there with you ?
  5. LOL as stated brilliant been out fifeteen years: I can't use the so called normal alphabet or the 12 hour clock, IMHO the phonetic alphabet and the 24 hour clock system should be part of the national curriculum and taught in schools.

    Fortunately in my job I use both on a daily basis.
  6. If you really want to screw up a few colleagues, start using the zulu suffix, and adjust as globally needed. Better still use standard DTG's. :D
  7. Immediately reminded me of this joke:
  8. I take it you didn't use your 90 for identification!
  9. Coming from a Naval background, If someone asked me the time, I would occasionally say [especially to Officers] "3 bells sir" [eg., for 1330hrs]. This started a trend in the Unit which was stamped out [no sense of humour some people]
  10. OK, my problem, and the innovative solution, was talking to a fast food restaurant which did home delivery. (Details slightly changed for PERSEC)

    Q: What is your postcode?
    A: Lima Lima 99 9 Charlie Kilo

    Fortunately the "restaurant" Cyprus Kebabs - the solution 9 C - Cyprus; K -Kebab!!!!

    Unfortunately, the Phonetic Alphabet we all know and love is the NATO phonetic alphabet, indian and phillipino call centres do not use it!
  11. Anyone had to use "Washington" instead of "Whiskey"? I've had that a few times when talking to some sun-tanned people.
  12. For my sins I'm a radio amateur (go into it through motorsport go figure!) and it bugs the hell out of me when other stations "invent" their own phonetic alphabet (eg Zulu becomes "Zanzibar") WHY? there is something that works, everyone understands it so why feck about with it? I tend to adopt the "talking to morons" voice if I get one that keeps on insisting on mangling my callsign,

    "over to you "Zanzibar, Japan, Glasgow"

    "This is TWO......MIKE...... ..ZERO........ZULU...... ...JULIET......GOLF. ...returning" some of them get quite upset about it.

    for PERSEC this is not my callsign.

    Giving the time in 24hr format is great about half the people get it instantly I find but it the ones who dont have a clue that crack me up especially when you notice the recipient look at an analogue clock face then their lips subtley moving as the start to count! Then the really smug grin that appears on their face when they work it out which promptly falls off their face when the spot the look of total distain on yours! 8)

    Mind you try giving someone an OS map reference! Once tried it with an ambulance service operator when trying to summon help to an RTA

    "NT123456..... er..... is that signposted?" FFS :x
  13. Anyone remeber the tv show Absoloutely... Callum tried to spell 'gnome' over the telephobe...