Phones 4 U - Thieving F***ers

Anyone who has ever bought a phone from the above firm; check your bank account for sneaky Direct Debits pertaining to come from "Policy Admin Services". I've just had 20 mins on the phone with my bank, and it turns out I've been paying this for the last 11 f***ing years, since buying a Nokia brick phone in 2003. Apparently this is one of those scams where the first three months of "insurance" is free, but then constantly rolls over unless you proactively cancel it.

Still, after taking legal advice and a bit of research via the website (great site - link, I got onto the customer Services Dept of Policy Admin Services. It turns out I'm entitled to a refund; a grand-and-a-half's worth of refund, to be exact.

1. Double check all of your Stg Orders & D/Ds regularly.
2. Have no qualms in ringing up & disputing any bank transactions you don't recognise.
3. Phones 4 u are c**ts.


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