Phone signal at Chatham?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by DRAUGHTYBOY, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know what providers have good reception at Chatham , particularly in the 24 squadron accommodation? Will be going there soon and want to take out contract but know some barracks have good or bad reception from certain companies?
  2. You won't need a phone signal if the birds in the tower block opposite Kitchener Barracks are anything like they were :wink:
  3. Like you would know wedge!! You would be too busy scoffing young chav hoop down the pentagon! ;)
  4. I only know because I slept on the concrete stairs of said tower block with my face in a bag of chips while one of my muckers was ploughing one of the t1t-flashers.

    Funny you should know about cruising in the Pentagon bogs though :wink:
  5. Haha, I've heard the stories about the brum-bummer! Never bothered with the towers, the zone/preaches seemed to do the trick when one needed a spunk receptacle! :)
  6. Oh aye? I was so deep in the closet when I was at Chatham I was finding Christmas presents!
  7. Was mr tumnus waving a double-ender at you? ;)
  8. PM sent as the OP must be wondering where the fcuk his thread is going!
  9. Sorry for de-railing the thread! When I was in Brompton, I was with Orange and the signal was pish. Hope this helps!!
  10. Left there 10 months ago and the Orange signal was still crap on camp. Walk outside the gates and it picks up. The Chatham vortex effect.
  11. Anybody know if vodafone is any good? seems to be the only one that works at gib!
  12. Vodaphone is ok as far as I remember. For when you need some young skanky Chav cum bucket on speed dial.
  13. You make it sound like a bad thing!! ;)
  14. It's not. The good thing is you can grab hold of their pat Butcher style ear ring rings when they are giving you head!
  15. what the feck do you need a phone for the cannon never closes so you don't need to phone pauline to check if it is open.