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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by crazyeyes, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have the number for the Student Management Department (SMD) at Chicksands?? Preferably the number for C/sgt G & WO2 P's office.

    Need to get hold of them before knock off tomorrow lunch.

  2. I'll get them tomorrow morning for you...I assume mil number?
  3. Civi if possible, on leave phoning from home lol
  4. PM sent, I've included a couple of extra numbers just in case
  5. Friday lunchtime knock off ? Is this due to the stress of being an A3 student in training? - Unheard of in my day 8)

    And as for what happened in TMA and Subs days, records do not go that far back.....They have their nostalgia though "We remember the days when you finished at 5.30pm and had 20mins to bull your DMS boots for Guard Mount at 6! " :p
  6. Can anyone else smell that smell?? You know....that damp dog, pension queue, stale urine kind of smell? :)
  7. Fuck. I thought I'd sorted that out with the green pills and regular "special" exercises.
  8. I'm still stunned that folks get weekends off. In my day we often worked Sat am and Sunday was never a completelt free day, Church Parade was not unheard of.
  9. I don't think anything stayed the same since the end of WW2.
  10. And nor should it change is inevitable and most of the time it is not a bad thing, however the older you get the more difficult it is to adapt to change.
  11. I am amazed that the words `management` appear so early in a INT CORPS Soldiers life ! :p

    Additionally, when I transferred into TMA's squad I do not recall that he ever bulled his boots let alone did guard duty - although he sold a lot of watches and had some lovely examples of ladies stockings - once a spiv ! :twisted:
  12. Rumoured he also had a sideline going in crisp Northern Bank £20 notes as well, following a "planned search" of some derelicts near Castlewellan some years back :oops:

    It might have been on a 3MI training weekend
  13. so what's the most you ever paid for someone to do your weekend stag? i remember £25 being about the going rate. (or 2'6d for rebel ;) )
  14. What a whole weeks pay for one duty, I wouldn't be able to afford pipeclay or powder for me wig.