Phone - is yours virus protected?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by frenchie, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Personally mine isn't but having added a banking app it's suggested I should which got me wondering about how worthwhile these mobile virus apps are?

    I never open emails from people I don't know on my phone (Or lappy for that matter).

    I only visit trusted sites on my browser, if I'm not sure it can wait till I'm on my laptop.

    Most of the apps on my phone are from top developers and I do always check permissions and comments before installing so I'm not overly concerned about malware.

    I'm far from convinced if my phone is stolen any apps are going to get it back for me and if it does the whole PS3 stolen data saga last year means I have a process of informing banks/changing passwords to email accounts etc to protect my data and bank details in hard copy as a matter of course.

    So are virus apps a must have?

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  2. Mines so old it cant catch a virus
  3. I've AVG anti virus app on mine (Android) scans all apps and you can get it to scan your phone as well. Didn't cost anything either.
  4. My phone makes calls, sends texts and wakes me up in the morning. Why anybody would want their phone to do anything else is beyond me.
  5. No-one's phone is safe from me.

  6. My old phone's got leprosy, bits keep falling off it.
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  7. It's not that I think they are a bad thing (Especially if free), I'm just not convinced they are required.

    Does anyone know anyone that has had data stolen from a phone for malicious intent? I don't so is it just scaremongering?

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  8. Phone viruses are mainly a problme for the android platform or for JB iphones. Apple, for all the hate, are actually quite good at making sure that the apps etc you download dont include any viruses. not sure how that would translate to an emailed virus however.
  9. Do you use some form of virus protection?

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  10. At £19.95 PAYG from Tesco`s , Im not worried.
  11. I've got AVG on mine (HTC One X), to be honest I'm not sure how much risk there is at present, but as I log into my email accounts as well as Amazon and other shopping sites through the phone, theres no harm in having it in case there is some virus that relays your passwords and details back to someone, probably in Nigeria.
  12. Keep yer phone in a condom. Sorted!
  13. Timely reminder, might be good at keeping apps clean. Not so good at not giving info to the FBI.....

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  14. Glad I've got an android phone! Besides, the FBI seem to have that many phone codes, they'd never be able to work out where everyone was going / doing.
  15. What he said...