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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by blonde_guy, May 12, 2010.

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  1. I recently lost my nice new phone; no major dramas, I got a replacement sim & reverted to my old one which still works.

    I put in a claim with my insurance company to have the old one replaced, but they are refusing on 3 grounds:

    My claim has been made within 21 days of registration - not strictly true as I have my proof of insurance dating from exactly 21 days before the incident, and did not claim until well after 21 days

    My personal details have changed since registration - they haven't

    The Police were not contacted withing 24hours and no reference number given - I contacted the police immediately and numerous times after, but all they did was note the IMEI number and tell me to keep ringing back to check. Only a week after the event was a crime number eventually given If no crime has been committed (it was a simple loss) why are the police involved at all?

    My question is, are the insurance company just being difficult, or do I have grounds for a reasonable appeal?

    In particular I'd like clarification of the whole police reference number issue!!

    Before people tell me to go and talk to the insurance company I have, and they were less than useful, fobbing me off from person to person.
  2. Sounds like the people handling the insurance for my gas boiler - the policy is not worth the paper it is printed on.
  3. my opinion is that you do have some grounds for appeal or at least given examples of the above. might be worth reading the small print in your policy booklet which will usually hold some key information on why theyve repudiated your claim. :(
  4. What is the deal with a police reference number though?
  5. A lot of insurers require the loss to be reported to the police for which a reference number is given. However, the rules vary around the Country with some refusing to accept reports of lost "portable appliances"!

    Afriend of mine found hisself in susch a situation and in the end, drafted a letter "from the police to his insurers" and got the duty inspector to sign certifying that he had paraded at the station to report the loss but that particular force did not record and issue reference numbers for such loss!!!

    Council tax and paying for a service???!!
  6. Police Ref Number

    Dont get confused with the generic term Crime Ref No (CRN). A CRN would be given to you if a crime had been committed that resulted in the loss or damage of your phone e.g. theft, or criminal damage.

    As you lost yours then you are after a Loss Report Number (LRN). No investigation required. pop along to local nick with all phone details If you still have box then they are all on a sticker on the side.

    Model Number
    Serial Number
    IMEI number
    What company the contract is with (if applicable)
    Receipt of purchase.

    The circumstances of the loss and the rough whereabouts this happened. Dont try and invent some sort of bullshit excuse that fits the template. Be honest as people do just put them down and walk away without them.

    All these are good things to have to prove you are bona fide as you wouldn't believe it but some people lie to try and get a new one dishonestly from the insurance company.

    The LRN gives the insurance company a point of reference to start to investigate if they so desire that is all. In addition some kind soul might actually hand your phone in and the LRN allows the police to return it to you.
  7. Within 24hrs of the loss, I had rung my local (Met Police) station, giving much of the above information. Given it was lost in a train/black cab I was advised they did not get this lost property and that TfL do, and I promptly registered the loss with them.

    However only after a week and filling in an online form with the police did I receive a LRN.

    It seems, looking at the small print, that they are refusing cover as no LRN was issued within 24hrs.
  8. Property lost in a black cab is a totally different form and handled differently owing to the finders reward that cabbies get.

    TfL for trains indeed.

    Write and explain this to your insurers