Phone-in prog TONIGHT - Sun 17 Dec 06 @ 2200 hrs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. There will be an Army-related discussion and phone in on BBC Radio Five Live's Stephen Nolan show starting at 10.00 pm tonight, Sunday 17 December 2006.

    Main guests will be:

    James Arbuthnot MP (Chairman of the influential all-party House of Commons Defence Committee);

    The author and special forces veteran Andy McNab; and

    Someone from the new British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF).

    Subject of discussion is roughly along the lines of "is the Army undervalued? And is it becoming a shambles?" Answer - Yes and No? ;)

    To take part yourself, call free on 0500 909 693 or text 85058 [network rates apply]. Lines are probably already open.

    Radio Five Live goes out on 909 and 693 AM, and can also be listened to on the internet.

    As stated the programme starts at 2200, and the package is likely to run for 45 mins to one hour depending on the amount of interest and calls received.

    Comments? Suggested points/questions?

  2. Is that someone you by any chance hackle?
  3. It seems that the church are no longer interested in our service personnel either. I was watching the candle lit carol service from Lichfield Cathedral on BBC 1 tonight. At the end they give a general blessing for various people and causes. In years past it was the tradition to mention members of the armed forces who are serving their country and may be danger. Religious or not it always made me feel that I was being thought of. Is it now too politically correct to bless those who are in combat conditions away from home doing a difficult job on behalf of the nation? The country seems to have little awareness or care for what its service personnel are doing and this seems to be at the spiritial top!
  4. Yes unless I get another volunteer! ;)

    I'm not by any means the only BAFF spokesperson but I may as well do this one, having already done a radio interview about the Defence Committee report published on Monday.
  5. Thanks for that one hackle, the Darthspuds will tune in.
    Hopefully there will be no mention of Ipswich..... :wink:
  6. Cheers for the heads-up.
  7. Hackle this great news. I hope they explore all areas, from training to welfare and housing on discharge.

    Their lines aren't open yet, but I shall try again later on.


    P.S you must be knackered.
  8. can they get Kira Cochrane on it too? tell her you're an arrser, should go down a treat :)
  9. Some quotes from your co speaker Hackle looks like you could be in danger of having a ferocious agreement :D

    James Arbuthnot

    I have edited out some of the flowery speak but tried not to take it out of context cos my mum says I will turn into a journalist if I do that.
  10. LOL

    Indeed it has been busy.

    Two mornings after the launch, I was back at the same Millbank building for an 0705 interview for BBC Radio Manchester.

    Unfortunately when I arrived in my hotel reception at 0620, looking forward to a pleasant early morning stroll beside the Thames, I found all doors locked and no member of staff to be found in reception or anywhere else in the building, or on any of the staff numbers on the internal telephone.

    Nothing gets in the way of BAFF, knackered or not. There was one of those 'alarmed' exits which, after 10 minutes of trying all legitimate means of exit, I finally punched out off and ran into the street with alarms going off behind me. :oops:

    But I did get to the studio in time.

    I am doing tonight's one from our local BBC studio. We should get a fair bit of time for it but, with the 'other' heavyweights on the programme, do not expect to hear from me so much or for me to raise all the issues we would like to.

  11. Thanks Priam, v useful. I've already been on a previous discussion programme with Mr Arbuthnot which resulted in both ferocious agreement and hard-fought consensus. ;)

    Not of course that BAFF is party-political. Mr Arbuthnot was (in effect) speaking in his capacity as Chairman of the all-party HCDC.
  12. can you ask them if Tony managed to get out on patrol at all when he went to Basra?