Phone Games

How many of us have sat around during the day bored stupid, and thought,

"Right time to Annoy some Cnut!!"

I know i have done in the past and i still do, so its grab the phone book next to me, and ring some one up.

Silly things like
'Can you hold the line a minute please i have tone wishing to speak to you', then hang up.

Or one of the best ones i heard was a guy ringing a RSM up at the same time every day from monday to thursday, asking is steve there.

While the blood must have boiled on the RSM, the final call came on friday when the same guy rang up, and said

'Hi its steve here have you had any messages for me!!'

Or even the Radio one blokey (cant remember his name) who use to ring people up with voice clips.

do you know any more jokes that have been played over the phone?
Or have you indeed had a joke been played on you!!
:) My method was to ring up and rabbit on non-stop to the person making out we were mates and that I'd been waiting for ages for him/her to turn up. The only way it worked was if you left absolutely no gap within the first minute for him/her to butt in and ask questions to try and find out who you were. Once they were off-balance the aim was to get them to apologise for not being there. Finish off with 'sorry mate, wrong number' 15 minutes of life filled :)
A few years ago, one of my daily chores was to test a load of modems scattered around the country to make sure they could dial out ok (About 40 in all). To make it more interesting, for two weeks I used the office slappers phone number. Drove the daft slag mad. Made me snort coffee through my nostrils listening to her screaming down the phone before rushing to the bogs crying her eyes out. Sheer Bliss....
Once considered putting one of the company directors BMW's up for sale on Auto Trader complete with Office, Mobile and Home numbers. Thought it might be funny but couldn't be arrsed in the end...
My two all time favourites....

First take two mobile phone phones, and ring a random mobile phone number with each - remembering to enter 141 so your number remains witheld. Then as each call is answered give the I'm fcuking angry speech to each phone - then invert one phone so that the two random people start having a slagging match with each other.

Second ring another random mobile number - again the secret is to withold!! - then say - "its XXXXX (local DJ name) from XXXX (local tacky radio station) you've won this hours prize for £100. All you have to do is sing the next line of this popular song. You ready?"
Press play on nearby CD player and then pause the song and urinte yourself as they sing at the top of thier voices to "Win" the money - what even funnier is when the finish and say "Hello? Hello? Did I win?"

Well it pays to be a winner.....
so you blokes have been calling my house and gotten the ctauch greeting: "CNUTS!!!!" :oops:


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The Jerky Boys, ok they're septics & the first time I heard them I thought it was daft yank stuff, but they're worth listening to a couple of times - with beers.

Not sure if that is the correct link, but their radio stuff was good. (Eventually)
Couple of years back at a different hossie used to get this weirdo ring up at all hours of day and night for several months day in and day out. Played hold music down phone at us. Didn't matter if you hung up on them or not they would ring back till one night I got sick of it and left all the phones off the hook. Of course then I got in trouble for being incommunicado. Pointed out this person was ringing all available numbers into where we were so we were without comms anyways.....

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