Phone call to Guardroom from 7 Sigs QM

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Verden_Bandit, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. 8)7 Sigs QM phones the Guardroom in a very shaky voice to report that "A Baboon is walking through the QM stores throwing kit off the shelves and acting menacingly". The Cpl of the guard replies "Fcuck Off Knob, stop winding me up" Two minutes later a rather flush faced Siggie, rather out of breath has a message for the the Cpl of the guard " QM says your in fcuking jail and the the guard needs to be called to the QM`s cos there is a fcucking baboon running amok in the stores" The guard was despatched and indeed found the entire QM staff cowering under desks whilst a Baboon was wrecking the fcucking place. Baboon fcucks off back over the fence and the said Cpl was indeed jailed (Me). Who the fcuck builds an Army camp next to another Zoo!!
  2. I recall a tale from Germany that some squaddies had broken into a zoo, beaten up some monkey or other and the poor beast was now traumatised and wouldn't come out of its little hut-are these events in any way connected?
  3. Classic !! You just can´t make these stories up :D Hope the QM chilled a bit once the baboon fucked off and had the decency to release you. As to your question about zoos and camps; it was either someone with a sense of humour or someone who missed the good times in Herford and wanted to try out all the urban myths and some of the true stories ref the good old Tierpark :wink:
  4. Yep, that's 7 Sigs in Herford.

    I recall when my Dad was at 7 one of the birds of prey escaped from the Tierpark next door (allegedly the story goes that it was released by one pissed off Squaddie, or was it a pissed up - can't remember rightly). Strangely enough the 'eagle' never took the opportunity for a bid for further freedom and flew is far as Camp. The eagle or whatever it was, began by eating all the wild rabbits that were roaming round camp. The guys were thrilled as the chuffing things had been making a right mess and making areas hard work.

    Not sure if they did ever catch it, but I bet it was one happy, fat bird of prey.
  5. Oi less of it Mr D ! There was nothing but classy birds hanging around 7 in the old days............... Honest guv :D
  6. Don't forget about the camel on the flagpole
  7. Thats on another thread :wink:
  8. :roll:

    That's because they go so well with the fat, ageing, balding Squaddies! :twisted:
  9. Only if you're going to wear a Hawaiin shirt, a pair of riding jodhpurs and socks and sandals Mr D. :wink:
  10. Ropes and chains hey. Oh goody we're going sailing :clap: :p