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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bibo_boy, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. I've been doing the half year finances and I'm looking where I can save some cash.

    My wife has spent around £420 on her mobile.

    I have spent £160 on my mobile

    And we have spent £330 on BT Broadband and line rental plus charges.

    I'm looking for a way of reducing these costs? Need to keep mobiles and internet if possible.

    Is Skype or the new BT Fusion worth a look?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Pay as you go mobiles limiting yourself to £25 per month.

    Get a different broadband supplier, i.e. a flat rate unlimited type, plenty to choose from.

    I have Skype, its great.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Yep it all helps :D

    Problem with "As you go phones" is that my wife will just put on credit as she needs it and not worry about it?

    How does Skype work out against BT charges? their website wasn't that clear? There seemed to be several charges for uK?
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    That might be the case for Skype in UK, I am overseas old boy so I don't know.

    Top ups are something that you guys just have to be disciplined about if you want to save. If your wife isn't interested then take the phone off her if costs you that much. If her friends/relations etc really want to talk to her the will just have to ring on a land line. Harsh measures..maybe...effective, yes.
  5. Wise words!!!!! Cheers.
  6. Hi Bibo

    Skype is great and well worth looking into.

    It makes sense to review all your utilities and other regular bills to make sure you are on the best rates. You can call your mobile provider to ask them to make sure you are on the best tariff for your patterns of use.

    The following sites are really useful and should help you reduce mobile bills, utilities, broadband and other things:

  7. Thanks FS.
  8. try most of my landline to landline calls are 2p connection and 0p a min. calls to mobiles average about 11-13p a minute. calls abroad from your mobile, you will save money if you go through 18866 (they give you a landline number to divert from). certainly slashed my bt bill. you pay by switch each month - my last bill to 18866 was something like £1.60...
  9. ADSL - Try eclipse approx £19.99 per month, you can leave at any time, only have to give 1 months notice (useful if you get posted away).

    For phone stuff Im with "Talk Talk" £7.99 per month all uk landlines calls at any time FREE (well included in the £7.99) + BT line rental.