Phone Apps for Shooting.

Strelok. Ballistic Calculator (free)

Shooter. Ballistic Calculator £6:42

shot timer/counters (free)

Shot Timer - Android

Shot Timer - Android

IPSC Shot Timer - Android < this is a good one.

Shot timer PRO trial - Android

shot timer/counters pay.

Shot Timer PRO Full - Android

I'v only just got a new phone to play with these, having a bit of fun comparing them,

any other shooting apps people are using and recommend??
I have used them all and found them all wanting; especially over 600m. Have a look at Lapua's offering, it give the same readouts at the longer ranges as does LB3 which I use on my desktop to build my comeup charts. I have to say that I now make my charts at home and just use them in the field rather than bugger about with more electronic kit that can go wrong. I have also found LB3 to be very accurate at the longer ranges with both the 6.5 and the .338LM.
Surefire do a shot timer for phones too. I use it if I can't be arrsed to set up or forget my proppa one.
only played with the ballistic ones out to 500 so thats no real test, but the Strelok seemed to work ok with a howa h/bar .308

we been using the IPCS Shot Timer for our .22lr plinks, and its seems to work fine, it may not be up to coping with dual shooter type events, but we shall see when our .22lr MiniRifle comps start to get a little more complex.
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