Phone and laptop licensing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. On the BBC this morning there was some jobsworth from the TV licensing office telling that if you have any device, Mobile Phone, Laptop,ect that can recieve any type of live TV, Radio, signal you must have a TV license,,I got too see how they intend to enforce that one
  2. Live TV only... Not radio
  3. Sorry but I thought he said they prosercuted for playing music in a shop that had no License
  4. That's a different licence, something to do with entertaining, as opposed to just private listening.
  5. Here's the story

    BBC Link

    If your computer is plugged in and you watch live TV on it then you must have a lisence
  6. These TVL people cannot even get their own version of what the rules are straight. However, they are more interested in extracting as much money as possible from everyone, and if that means making sure that some people will be unsure and so pay up just in case that is fine by them.

    I never watch live TV on a computer and if I was in UK I would tell them to go fcuk themselves. They are really just trying to intimidate people into buying a peice of paper- just in case. Let them prove their case, and remind them that they have no right of entry onto your property even if it is a shop or business.
  7. All mil Messes should have it as on a function any music played is subject to having a performing rights licence. It costs a bit as well. Some Messes dont bother and get away with it, some do but once you start, the hound you if you dont renew.
  8. It's not just the TVL, but all the government agencees DVLA,ect they are all trying to thieve cash from the middle,working class to pay for our leaders total f***up trying to run the country,
  9. That might be the lack of a licence to broadcast music. Like most of the boy racers you see with it blaring out of the car windows... :roll:
  10. Why don't they just call it TV Tax, and get everyone to pay it?
  11. They do, it's called a TV licence. In reality they can do very little if you don't have one, unless you confess on the doorstep to the TVL salesman they have no evidence to lay before a Magistrate.

    The TVL salesman who will try to quiz you on the doorstep is just that, a salesman. He/she has no more powers than any other door to door salesman.
  12. BBC bellend being a typical moneygrubbing BBC bellend.
  13. The PRS are having a clampdown/fundraiser this year.They phone buisnesses up and if they hear a radio in the background they try to hit you for a licence to play recorded music. Its around £300/year. The way round it is to tell the bugger that the radio belongs to a worker and isnt provided by the works. They threatend us with court action, seizing of assets, the whole nine yards. but nothing has come of it. They behave very like the BBC licence collectors

  14. Yep, and don't believe the myth that 'Detectors Vans' can tell what programme your watching and all the b0llox, it's a bluff and they never produce this 'evidence' in any court cases. They send standard letters to everyone in a block of flats for instance telling them 'we believe you don't have a licence… blahh, blah, blah' and bluff the non payers into paying up.

    Many of the vans they drive through an area when they are having one of their campaigns are empty vans with a 'detector van' sticker on the side to bluff people.

    They rely on their database and just cold call the address. They assume any address without a TV licence is an 'evader' and work from there.

  15. There complete sods.... i couldn't get a signal in one place i lived (a tower block with lots of other tower blocs around it) but we still had the whole "turning up on the doorstep" thing, fortunatly i knew my rights and stuck to them. I bought my own place a few years ago, it was a new build and the shared ariel was not put in for months, again we had loads of threatining letters and shit, I was really looking forward to them coming around, but they didn't.