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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bernster, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. I know there are other threads about phones but if possible a little advice please. I have had a cheap, cheerful and free basic nokia company phone for 10 years. Retiring from that company and need to buy a phone. I was thinking of a new I phone but my wife has got one and is always whinging about it. So at the moment I am looking at the new Blackberry curve 9300 the one with 3G. It seems to tick a lot of boxes for what I am after but can any current users advise me whether it's a goodun?

  2. It's obviously personal preferance however having previously been a loyal nokia user of over 10 years then switching to the iphone was probably the best move i made,

    User friendly
    good size screen

    However all phones have pro's & con's & really depends on what you want the phone for, for checking emails & browsing arrse IMO it's faultless, I would recommend having a trial of a few different makes & models to try & get a feel and how well you cope with it's features,

    Good luck
  3. I got this on upgrade with t-mobile but can't work out how to use it properly :( It's very different to a normal phone. The guy in the shop recommended one of those android (?) touch screen phones instead. I guess it depends what you want to do. I wanted one that has e-mail facility so the qwerty keyboard was the main draw.
  4. I've had 2 blackberry phones and have had an iPhone about a year - it's so much better, loads of music and pictures on. Easy to use Internet best phone I've had. It's also easy to use.
  5. Blueberries are better than them touch screen things.
  6. I know a lot of people say Blackberry's are good - The Iphone is as well, unless you have fingers like a porn stars bell end (I have) and it means you can't type bugger all in due to the touch screen - I'm thinking of the Sony X10 mini pro, that has a similar (slides out) keyboard to the Blackberry.
  7. I tried the sony x10 mini pro, and while it looks like a fantastic little phone, with the advantage of a keyboard the screen is really really small, unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the phone wouldnt connect to the network so I got my money back, and went for the cheaper, and larger screened x8. If you want network recommendation I can speak highly of 3, which has good coverage where I live and has a reasonable PAYG deal for £10 per month, inclusive 500Mb internet, 100minutes and 3000 texts.
  8. My Nokia 33/10 is feckin brill. I can phone people and they can phone me back.And I can carry it around with me. That's what I call progress!!
  9. Everyone I talk to who has the curve seems very keen on it for the first few weeks but after that says it is sh*t. Not sure the exact problem but I avoided them at all cost. If you want a blackberry the bold is your best bet or the torch is often well reviewed. iPhones are great systems if you have tried the keypad(try using it landscape the buttons get bigger).
  10. Are you my ******* ex husband?? :)
  11. My phone currently has no back, the battery is stuck in with blu tack to stop sudden cut offs during calls, the screen is cracked and it's full of plaster dust and shite. it's so old it makes phone calls in imperial but you can nearly get a signal on the central line and the battery only needs charging once a month. Proper phone.
  12. Dunno.Send pics.
  13. Taking up the iphone when the 3g version came out 2 years ago was one of the best tech upgrades I ever made (at the time) however it is massively expensive and a huge time/money sync. Most of the bonuses, as with any smart phone are all related to its utility and if thats what you want, great. Some time ago though I realised that I was wasting so much of my time on petty distractions and right after social websites, the jesus phone was topping the list of distractions. I decided to wipe pretty much everything from it with the exception of skype and a couple of other aps and not look back.

    Interestingly, within a week of the contract renewal date and only a couple of days after the warranty/insurance ran out, just about everything that could go wrong with the phone, did - and this was with it living most of its life either on a self or an a safe pocket with very few bumps and scrapes - the cynic in me thinks apple flipped that switch to make me upgrade.

    I certainly earned enough reward points with orange to get a freebie iphone4, however my experience and reflection over the previous 2 years made me decide against it.

    I currently role with an absolute bottom of the range unlocked nokia which cost about £10 from carephone warehouse and I honestly dont miss the old one.

    Sure enough if you want a (really basic and low end) camera, an mp3 player, video player, entertainment device etc etc, then those phone are for you. I for one am rarely more than 30 minutes for one of my computers on a normal day so I could care less. Although I understand many of the people reading this forum may be in more remote parts of the world and want an all in one device.

    Frankly though, there are somewhat better but less well supported units out there - and is it still current that iphones are not permitted in certain operational areas?

    I would avoid the crackberry like to shite they are; being as they are glorified pagers - sure if email is your life, party but otherwise avoid them.

    If you simply must have an iphone, don't believe the hype about the iphone 4. Its a piece of crap and the build quality is beyond shonky. Additionally on top of the premium your are paying for an apple device, you are also paying another premium for the latest kit.

    The 3GS has nearly all of the same features and is a much better unit. Add to this that if you are already a contract user, you can normally get a 3GS as an "upgrade" for free as one of my mates did - sure he got some funny looks that he wasn't interested in the newest model but there you have it.