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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by eggman, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Just purchased a phoenix forward maintenance box to fit onto my DAF 4 tonner. The box was complete with work benches, power supply and air con units. It had a lot of pinkish dust and grit inside and the air con unit showed it had been used for about 6 months. The only documentation was a gantry certificate from camp sinbad.

    I intend stripping out the inside and converting the box to a basic camper to take to military shows.

    Does anyone know anything about where these operated in the Gulf...if the info is not classified.

    The box is based on an isolator box built by Marconi



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  2. Didn't the Poenix's normally crash 6 -8 feet from the launcher........ I remember a couple of classic pheonix adventures from Kosovo one having flown at 3 feet above the deck (or less) until it came to sticky end in some trees and another completing a flight over Serbia and deciding it didn't want to leave so ploughed itself into the ground in Milosovic's back garden so to speak.
  3. I can tell you that I used to play with them and I only saw 1 stay in the air longer than 5 minutes.
  4. The FMF, (forward maint facility) was used all over, not just Iraq but also Kosovo, there was one based at Podejevo for 2 and a bit years. Exercise wise the FMF went on Exercise Bright Star in Egypt, BATUS plus the obvious SPTA, STANTA & SENTA. PX did have a bad reputation for creaming in all over the Ying yang but, when it did work it was bloody good. Comd the iron division named it a battle winning asset after MBT (Chally) and warrior. There ws an FMF based eventually in Shaibah log base for a few years before moving up to the APOD/COB before bring it home at the end of Telic.
    Hope this lot helps.
  5. Great answer, thanks very much for the info...just the sort of thing I was after. Any idea where camp sinbad was and maybe how many FMF were built or in service?
    Also any idea what was carried on the large frame at the back of the body..there is a small hand winch to lift it?
    Was the body usually used mounted on the back of a 4 tonner or unloaded and used on the ground.
  6. Yeah, Camp Sinbad was opposite the HLS in Shaibah log base. THE FMF was mounted on a DROPS vehicle so it could be ground dumped any where. As for the winch on the back. The mounts on the back used to hold a cage for engine run ups. it would be lowered down, the UAV engine would be inserted with the propellor facing the front of the cage and bobs your uncle. 'safe' engine run ups. Never worked on it myself, but the REME where normally the first people on exercise to have rigged up a tele and brew kit so was always an early port of call. Any more info and I will try and help if I can get the old grey matter working.
  7. Check pm's
  8. Thanks for all the info, I think I can assume that my box was in Iraq, I think the gantry cert from Camp Sinbad was dated 2004 or 2005, I will check tomorrow.
    One other query...the gantry is above the battery tray, so my question is
    was it used to change the batteries or was it to load heavy parts into the FMU for repair.
    I found a post it note behind one of the lockers it said "picture is crap and very grainy"

    Thanks again for your help

  9. Thanks,

    What are APOD/COB



  10. Acronyms mate.....easy
  11. FMF was used for repairing the camera head and electronic widgets on the Px. The gantry was used for lifting the camera head into the box body when still mounted on a flatbed truck, instead of carrying a very heavy item up some verrrry rickety stairs. The camera head is that thing that looks like R2-D2's head under the Px UAV.

    The post it probably refers to the state of the picture quality from a camera unit under repair.

    Hope this helps.

    p.s. just had a look at the pic again, your missing a few J-bolts securing your box body to the DAF. Be careful braking!
  12. Thanks chavrin,
    All the replies I've received have helped to build a more complete picture of the FMF. I am missing 3 j hooks... if anyone knows of a source I'll be very pleased