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Hello all,
we have decided to create a Phoenix user account here with the aim of hopefully fielding some of the many questions that are posed on arrse with regard to work in the Close Protection and security industry.

We will try to give appropriate answers from the collective staff at Phoenix. We all have access to this account so its not always going to be the same person giving the information.

I trust this will be taken in the manner we intend rather than a shameless attempt at advertising. Naturally it would be difficult and inappropriate of us to give opinions of other companys operations in a public forum or indeed in private so please spare us those "are they any good?" questions.

so fire away

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There's the inevitable 'physical' aspect attraction of CP work to many and which I know your organisation caters for.
However, one of the posters on this forum - 'Expatkiwi' who is one of several non military background personalities including TA forces, but does however possess technical skills - telecom industry and photographic and is keen to pursue a 'career' in your industry.
As I've spotted this before him in NZ (timezones) what advice would you offer such a reservoir of 'non mil' talent as how to progress to the next stage.
I'm thinking,besides SIA accredition, courses, orientation of current skills to the marketplace.
Age constraints, fitness, ability/flexibility, to travel etc. advice would be appreciated.
I have no interest in the CP field, but...

...Phoenix CP rock! :D

I'll get me coat...
Brownale said:
Do you guarantee employment after your course?

No, I dont think that would be a realistic promise. I will get the headshed to give some more definition to this answer. Though some of our students go onto employment post course depending on their performance. Bare in mind that many already have an idea of what they want to do or even work to go to.

I will get a more definitive answer shortly
bob_lawlaw said:
advice would be appreciated.

Again I will poll the collective at work about this. I have read some of Kiwis posts before. There is of course a certain advantage to coming from a military background if you want to go out to Hazardous areas. However we have had several people come through with no or very little military experience and actually do very well. For example we had a young lady who had been Cabin Crew for much of her working life and did particularly well !

It really depends on where you see yourself working. There seems to be no little confusion between Close Protection work and Private Military roles. Although there is some cross over in some environments. Our course (and Im sure many others) are more about dealing with the clients security in what ever environment rather than a fire and manouvere tactics package. Though there are elements on the course.

Again I will get more opinions from the crew shortly
What colour is the boat house in Hereford? Really.

Also interested in the less Protection side of CP work. I'm a bit of a geek at heart so good with radios, computers and the like.
Ok employment post course. Armor do take on Phoenix students. However not only do they have to pass the course and the SIA licencing elements but they have to gain a recomend from the DS. A sort of rolling interview. Talking to HR department they reckon they have succesfully employed "most" of those we have sent to them with our recomendation. Though they do have to go through a regular interview process as you would for any other job. So its never guaranteed.

Age limits as already stated elswhere Armor Group do not deploy Under 25's to hazard ous areas, there are exceptions depending on the area and risk assesment. Again we cannot speak for other companys but are fairly sure there would be similar policies in place, again as in another post its an insurance issue. Not to say there are some very capable younger guys working around the houses.

Employment in other disciplines. The security industry does employ a whole range of trades. In the UK SIA licensing would be a mininmum. Although experience in your particular area is a bonus. Logisitics, IT, communications and Medics are often sought after. It would do no harm to fire off a CV to a company or two with reference to your background and seek advice.

Most definetly its very much about who you know AND what you know. So network and keep in touch with mates who are out on the circuit. That seems to be the experience of guys who work here.

Boat house ? if you mean the rowing club then its a sort of muddy brown colour and a bit wet as its currently flooded !
Hi, quick question, although I understand that no experience is neccessary, what is the usual level of experience required before getting a job in a relativly high risk area. For example, I have completed two operational tours, 1 to iraq and the other to afghanistan and I am due to go on a third in october. The thing is I am TA infantry and not regular army. Do you have many TA on your courses or not?
monkeybits, Your operational experience will certainly be a bonus should you wish to join a company in a hazardous environment such as the middle east. However be aware that a Close Protection course is geared to dealing with a client in whatever location that may be domestic or world wide. Which actually means that should you go off to for example Iraq with a PSC then your experience TA or otherwise is a positive factor. Yes we do have a fair amount of TA service personnal attend our course. I would urge you to look at the website for details about some changes we are currently undergoing.

all at Phoenix CP


I was under the impression that all Phoenix courses had been suspended due to a relocation / instructor problems?


ArmorGroup Phoenix CP are moving to a new facility and will be back online very shortly. In the interests of maintaining quality, it was not feasible to try to run a course and move location at the same time.

Hope this helps.


Well I see I got noticed a bit, mind you I do tend to write long posts! Well just an update really. I finally got on a course in July in the UK and I am just waiting for the C&G certificates to come through to apply for my SIA licence. Another step closer now, just planning moving back to the UK in the next few months and take it from there.

The fitness thing was a bit of a problem but all the other candidates were in their early 20's, two of whom had just come out the army so were in peak shape, and I am 40. Still I held my own considering and the unarmed combat training was definitely worth while and learnt heaps. For some strange reason I seemed even more effective blindfolded! Still feel that surveillance is the route for me as I do enjoy that aspect of the work.

What was the clincher was I got a "mates rate" deal for the course so there was not so much stress about recouping the cost of that and I happened to be in the UK at the time because of a death in the family.

Coincidently the flight attendant that did the Phoenix course mentioned above, previously did go on a course that was run by the company where I did mine from what I was told.

Now its just network, network, network and see what comes up from there.

Cheers bob-lawlaw for giving me a mention, much appreciated :)

Thanks to everyone else for their valuable information too.


I have been waiting to go on a Phoenix CP course for several months and have been told the following:

It will be running at the end of the summer.
It will be running by the end of September.
Now when I ring up I get told they are not sure of the dates.

I have talked to different people in the CP industry who know what they are on about and I am informed that the instructors have all since moved on. I cannot have this as my run out date is early next year and I if I do nothing I will be getting out to nothing.

I have asked about and received a lot of good feedback about a training company called Anubis Associates. I now that they offer the same CP courses in Hereford and at the CTP centre in Aldershot. I have booked on the November CP course at Aldershot because I am told it is the same standard of course at a fraction of the price.

Has anyone else been in the same situation? What is everyone else doing about training? :?


I have heard the same thing as you regarding Phoenix. I was told that they will no longer be training in the UK by one of the instructors on my course and he is an honest guy. It would be good of someone from Phoenix could either confirm or deny the situation on here as so often with rumours they do not always accurately reflect the situation.

Good luck with the course though and I am sure it will be what you need to get your SIA licence. To be honest the theory work is easy. The SIA exam itself without training and applying a common sense approach would get you around a 65% mark, 80% being a pass. Practical assessments I guess would vary from each training company, some focus more on the theory from what I have heard where as some put more emphasis on the practical aspects. I prefer the latter as there is no substitute for actually doing something.


I think you are wise, from what I have been told and if anyone knows differently then please say but the best pay seems to be if you are a medic in the places you no longer wish to work. Rates seem to be coming down. A guy on the course before me I was told got some work in Afghanistan at US$172/day. There are RST jobs in London that will pay that and more, admittedly boring but at least you have no risk and you will get contacts as well. If it would be of some help I can send you a contacts list of companies I had compiled. It may be of some use. PM me your email address if you are interested.

Do you already have an SIA CPO licence?
CRG are also doing a training course and have work available now too. check them out as Phoenix havent replied and your run out date is close.