Phoenix CP/SIA registration

I'm sure this has been done to death but I can't find details after trawling through 5 pages of search

I got the Phoenix CP qual a number of years back (sponsored on the back of a job I did)

I also turned to and did the SIA multi guess test to stamp my ticket for SIA registration at the Phoenix establishment.

Being a slack **** and not being bothered about CP or the SIA I didn't stump up send off the validation thing and 250 quid (or whatever it was) to actually register with the SIA

Its now been deemed benificial to have said licence..........

How do I go about sorting this out.

What paper work is it the SIA needs, Who now holds the records for past Phoenix CP course and are there any contacts that could sort my slack chadmin out

I'm aware Phoenix was swallowed up by a bigger company some time ago.

Any good stuff gets a blowy off Jarrod

Answers on a postcard

Sure they were bought out by Armorgroup who were then bought out by G4S. Can you remember any of your instructors? Try tracking them down perhaps?
Hi G,

I was in a similar situation a few years ago and like others ignored the SIA effect. I'd suggest the following :

You'll need an 'in date' First Aid Qual. Courses with St. John's run at £300

Do a week's CP refresher with a company of your choice, TASK International are an option. Expect to pay around £500. They or whoever you choose will validate your SIA licence application. The SIA licence fee is around £250 the last time I looked.

Can't immediately assist you with contacts with the old Phoenix system. I'll pass on Jarrod thanks.
Gents, Phoenix CP is now part of G4S Specialist Training but it still has may of the same guys at the helm and is still delivered from Longworth / Pershore. Get in touch and I'm sure someone there will help you. Don't be surprised though, if they can do nothing more than send you a copy of your original certificate. I think the people you really need to speak to are the SIA, who by all accounts might be getting binned soon anyway.

Web: Phoenix close protection | G4S

Tel: +44 (0)1432 850223

Hope that helps
Can confirm that a lot of Ds on the course will be the same. It shouldn’t be a drama to get a copy of the course certificate, this is what will need to accompany your SIA application. You will also need the usual proof of address / passport phot etc etc.

Send this into the SIA and wait three to four weeks, and pending the CRB all being in order, they will dispatch the license. You can check the progress of the application on the website.

As you may have seen in the press in recent days a large number of Qangos (sp?) are getting thinned out, one of the many getting the axe is the SIA. At the moment, the message seems to be business as usual, however it will be worth keeping an eye on this as in weeks or months to come the SIA will be no more. Although I anticipate that there will be another body overseeing the issuing of accreditation in the industry, it certainly will not be the SIA. It may be wise to act sooner rather than later to avoid the inevitable messy hand over.

If your looking at an FCO contract, as in the case of my current role, it is a pre requisite to have the SIA badge even though we aren’t operating inside the U.K. However, depending on the company youre going with, there are sometimes ways around this. Obviously for CP work in the UK the badge is mandatory unless working for an approved contractor.

If you hit a brick wall with the guys at phoenix, let me know and I'll do my best to assist as I'm local and socialise with a lot of them.

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