Philippines: ISIS-linked onslaught

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, May 24, 2017.

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  1. The battle against the Islamification of Marawi continues:

    IS takes slaves as Philippines battle intensifies

    With Muslims making up such a small proportion of the country's population - it indicates of how much of a threat Islam can pose to other societies when it's followers become more dedicated.
  2. As a whole the Muslim population of the Philippines is small, however the southern islands, Mindanao, the Sulo Archipelago and Palawan are majority Muslim population. Indeed Mindanao was mostly Muslim in recent years.
    Christianity was the product of bringing hospitals and schools into the island, my wife's family being part of this. My Father-in-law was "posted" to Mindanao to persuade the population of some villages and town communities the benefits of having hospitals and schools built with government money. Strangely enough this was during the rule of President Marcos.

    The hostages that have been taken in Marawi would most likely be mostly of the Muslim faith.

    On Mindanao there has been an extensive conflict between Abu Sayyaf (Al Qaeda) and MILF (Moro Independance Liberation Front) and government forces ongoing for at least 40 years. Add into the mix an armed communist insurgency and you have the makings for a small civil war on Mindanao itself. What is intensely different is the IS outbreak in Marawi, which is led by fighters from Malaysia or Indonesia.
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