Philippines: ISIS-linked onslaught

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, May 24, 2017.

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  1. Mindanao has been a dodgy place for along time. I went to Negros about 3 years ago, Mindanao is next door. Raiding party's would come across and murder people, so I was told.

    As an aside, I was in in Manila in 86, 2 days after Aquino took power, at the time it seemed to be a very popular change of Government, lots of bad press about Amelda having thousands of shoes etc.

    But in the villages on Negros, Marcos's image was very visible and revered.
  2. That statement is a moot point.
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  3. Taba thumb!

    Nakapunta ka na ba pag-inom?
  4. Nothing moot about it, look at the work Duterte is trying to do to remove corruption from the top of government where it is deep seated. Even the relief payments from the recent Typhoon Haiyan were siphoned off at high levels.
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  5. @bobthedog - if you've ignored eyehave as you suggested in your last, you'll have missed his answer to the effect of 'fat thumb, removed'.

    Moving on from that public information announcement of no worthwhile value, I note that there are several Dutertes in political positions (his daughter and eldest son, I think) - is there any sense that dynastic politics is part of the problem, or is it just accepted as part of the political process?
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  6. How much is going into his pocket?
  7. Duterte was previously Mayor of Davao City, where he led the anti drug theme prior to becoming President. As I understand it the Daughter of Duterte is currentyl mayor. Davao city was previously to his administration a city that would not have been wise to visit, as drug and gang warfare were regular features, now somewhat cleaned up and peaceful. Duterte himself is extremely popular with his electorate despite the wholesale slaughter that occurred over recent months.

    So yes there is dynastic politics, but if it improves lives for the inhabitants of these cities it can only be for the better, rather than the previous no-go areas created by the drug dealers and gangs.

    It is easy to forget that the Philippines consists of 7000 islands with different dialects spoken around the country. Politics can be very local!
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  8. Thanks. My knowledge of the Philippines peters out after the ending of the Huk rebellion (last studied 22 years ago)...
  9. The Philippines’ defence chief says 500 extremists fought in the southern city of Marawi and they had a ‘big plan’ to occupy the city...... More than a week of fighting has left 95 militants dead. At least 25 soldiers and 19 civilians have also died.....eight of the fighters killed were foreigners, including Chechen and Arab militants.

    He estimated that about 50 to 100 of the militants remained holed up in the city.

    The Latest: Philippines says 500 militants involved in siege
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  10. Islamic Jihad seems to be a world wide cancer.
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  11. Could be lying, as could ISIS when they claim it was one of theirs. Sway towards believing police.
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  12. New Reuters article
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