Philippines: ISIS-linked onslaught

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, May 24, 2017.

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  1. The ISIS franchise continues to expand, with just about anyone of a militant Islamic bent rebadging getting Gulf Arab support.

    The Philippines is unstable and with its current volatile President and the general attitude of the majority population to the Muslim minority, some very severe backlashes can be expected to ISIS atrocities.

    Which with an increasingly Islamist Indonesia next door and Malaysia a bit further away, could become a fast growing battle ground for International Jihadists, especially with the battle being against Christian 'oppressors'.

    Isis-linked gunmen battle soldiers in streets after storming Philippines city

    Philippines crisis: Duterte declares martial law on Mindanao in face of ISIS-linked onslaught

    Had to struggle to find this on the BBC website, more important news such as Taiwan approving same sex marriage and Indonesia's persecution of Gay blokes being the priority stories.
    Asia - BBC News
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  2. Has this kicked off because Islamists like the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have been laying down their weapons allowing the likes of ISIS a vacuum to recruit from, or was it happening anyway ?
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  3. From what I can understand from the Philippine press it is because an active and significant ISIS presence has been found on North Mindanao, who have beheaded a Police Chief and taken hostage a number of other people. I don't think it is so much a vacuum, but the lawlessness in the region has allowed more extremist groups to establish. Abu Sayyaf has been active on Mindanao for at least 25 years, ISIS has simply established under their protection.

    My wife's family are living in Central Mindanao, which has become an active war zone in recent years. Duterte may attract a lot of criticism from Western Governments, but to the people of the Philippines he is a popular leader, seen as making things very difficult for those involved in drugs and corruption. Previous Presidents have allowed their regimes to thrive on corruption, and various dubious land deals.

    Cory Aquino and those who have followed her into presidency have ripped off these beautiful Islands royally. Far more corruption than that carried out under Marcos' regime.
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  4. Alternately, it's a potential tyrant using it as a pretext...

    The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers in Manila said it was raising “serious concerns on what appears as a sledgehammer, knee-jerk reaction” to the situation on Mindanao.

    “The recent incidents in Marawi do not justify the shotgun declaration of martial law,” said Ephraim Cortez, head of the lawyers’ union. “The declaration of martial law should be an option of last resort.”
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    I watched a doco on President Duterte on RT the other day, that guy is a legend he is so straight forward and honest its a breath of fresh air, his take on Drug dealers and Isis was summed up as " if we have to kill 100 of them so that 100 others live, so be it", he also stated if we can't buy weapons off of America to fight them he will just buy them of Russia or China, so his days might be numbered.
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  6. A rather unfortunate set of initials for that organisation!
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  7. Worth looking up what Gen. 'Black Jack' Pershing did. 49 hanged and one left to tell the tale. Things went quiet for quite a while.

  8. Except that he did nothing of the sort.

    How to Stop Islamic Terrorists
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  9. Seriously? The islamists have been starting to mass execute Christians.

    And thats one of the harmless pictures.

    Philippine troops battle Islamist militants in city
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  10. The union's title tells you a lot, their business model is rapidly going down as the death toll rises. Maybe Mr Shiner can find a whole new client group.
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  11. One thing is quite clear, muslim extremists in the Philippines will receive a very different government reaction than that in Western Europe.
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  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't happen, good story though
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  13. Eyehave - why the disagree, the Telegraph article is consistent with information my wife's family is telling us?

    @Eyehave,as you haven't got the guts to respond you are now in a dark place, meet my ignore list.
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  14. Seriously, the Philippines has had insurrection for decades. Duterte's happy to escalate as it reinforces his strong man image. The biggest issue in the country is the grinding poverty which drives the crime/terror nexus.