Philip Williams

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. This is the story of a bright young man from Lancaster who joined the Scots Guards in part, one feels, because of the lack of other job opportunities in his home town. One extreme situation (being knocked out by a bomb explosion during the battle for Tumbledown and coming to only after the battle, and indeed the war) caused the rest of his comrades to victimise him - an example of the pack turning on one of its own. His account of his subsequent time in the military and hounding by the media make horrifying and salutary reading. He seems by the end of the book to have found some peace - today he will be in his mid-thirties or so; let us hope that has achieved some kind of fulfilment in his life now.

    "The Pack turning on one of its own" sound familiar doesn't it....... scum.....
  2. I've read it, and it's one of the worst books I've ever read. The author definitely had an agenda to push.

    If I can find it, I'll post an excerpt or two so you can see what I mean.

  3. I guess being arrse fcuked by the media, you Bn and the Army will do that to a bloke
  4. In the Scotch Guards and from Lancaster - I'll bet he always felt wanted.
  5. Scotch Guards? Fcuking Scotch Guards you cnut! I know the Dirty Dukes couldn't get top class officers, but I thought they would have at least known it was SCOTS Guards!

    No wonder you had to go to Oz to find soldiers thicker than you, you to$$er!
  6. Ahem, excuse's been a while.......

  7. From a village close to me originally, Halton (same village as the camp),and local press coverage of him was pretty sympathetic to his experience. Small pedant's point; he's more like 43 otherwise he'd have been 12 when he was in FI (though it doesn't say how old the review is)!
  8. Read the story. I thought it made interesting reading, but this is certainly a bitter young man who wrote this. Comes from not too far from me. However, I remember back in the early '90s there was a sergeant with our Cadet Training Team, who had been in his Battallion. One of my cadets asked him if he knew gdsmn Williams. The response left us in no doubt that he knew him, and that mentioning his name again would not do us any favours. There's obviously two sides to his story, but which is the truth? The anger demonstrated in hi book, and the similar reaction by the sergeant, who I knew as a decent man, were both equally vehement.
  9. Channel 4 made a film about this book, with David Thewlis playing the lead role in the film it's pretty good and it is called resurrected.
  10. Its a sad story, and who knows what really happened. However, for many of the guys who fought their way to top of Tumbledown that night, the circumstances of his disappearance and discovery were never going to attract any sympathy. He was always going to be an outsider in the circumstances. Perhaps the Bn was a bit naiive in trying to reintegrate him afterwards.
  11. philip williams was in 1984 on the same wing as me in hmyoi hindley.
    he ended up being the tea boy in the admin block.

    he got a lot of stick of the ex army screws who said he was a coward,let all his mates down etc,the screws wanted him filled in.

    he was in a dorm when he first arrived before he was allocated a wing.
    there were 4 wings then, north south east and west, the screws said he was a nonce.
    Philnsaid he was in for assualt on a child, he was babysitting for someone the child ended up with a broken arm.
    he did end up with a black eye which seemed to satisfy the screws although it wasnt done in malice, it was done with a pillow placed over his head by me.
    i heard the story off phil of what happened to him in the falklands and to be honest with you it sounded like a nightmare from Dante's inferno.
    im not ex army so no nothing about what you go through in training, nor am i a prison officer,i was in hindley for 8 months got parole and never been back since.
    if anyone wants to hear what he told the rest of us about the falklands i will post it up.
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  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It was on he other week and seems to be on that lop that Film 4 do with their films

    Seems to follow the path of whats been said on here
    He turns up in Falklands alone and confused after everyone else has left (and after his own memorial service)
    Then it seemed pretty much bog standard Army bullying film after that though
  13. Not long since read his book. Just out of interest, i would love to hear what he told you all those years ago.
  14. i just read the book , i am very interested in hearing what he told you, c mon spill the beans ))
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