Philip Hammond: army will lose regiments and rely more on reserves

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Like the way its been sneaked out at midnight
  2. London Regiment becomes Coldstream Guards?
  3. As soon as I read the words "outsourced" and "private contractors" my heart sank.
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  4. "Hello my name is Mike, can I take your grid reference please."
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  5. So after 24 years, we finally accept the 3rd Shock Army is not going to having an away day to the Rhine?
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  6. Heard bits and bobs of this before, sadly seeing it all together makes it all the more real. What i want to know is, why the **** are the army, marines, RAF, well just about everyone really constantly running all these telly ads to draw fresh faces in, when they're just about to sack 20,000!? Maybe if they put more of the money spent on swanky telly ads and a flashy website towards wages, there wouldent be this problem in the first place.
  7. The answer is probably that the ads were outsourced and the private contractors want paying regardless of whether the ads are screened.
  8. They still would have had to have asked for them to be made and signed contracts ect. There's no doubt anyone with the seniority to commission the ads would have known about the cuts long before this went public... and even then they still went and spent loads getting them aired, you're looking at millions if you want those ads put on during 'prime time' as it were.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again, most of the site wanted a Tory govt. this is what it means to have one.
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  10. So in your world, all promotion stops and no one leaves when their time is up?
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  11. Bunch of fcuking knobends
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  12. While Russia & China are expanding ? Time to get a new defence minister?
  13. Will our commitments or intent mirror this downsizing of our numbers? I doubt it.
    After all, at our current standing we lacked sufficient numbers to get the job done properly in both Basra and Helmand.
    So what exactly is the British Army scaled to do? It seems the solution to 2 failures is to slash further.

    I could understand if demolishing the Army coincided with a more defensive minded shift in defence policy . I would even grudgingly accept the cuts if it was to finance the expansion of the RN that I believe is needed, but all I can see is massive cuts in manpower and capability yet no downsizing in expectation or commitment.
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  14. Sorry Mate, I cant let this one go, what your post should have said is: "most of the site wanted a Tory govt. and as a result of the last Labour governments profligacy, the current government now has no choice but to make savings, some of which must come from cutting defence. Of course greater savings could be made by cutting unnecessary expenditure on social welfare and national health, but the majority of the population are unwilling to give up any of the bribes given to them by the last government to keep themselves in power.

    In fact the bribe factor is so strong that unions are prepared to engage in disruptive action in a "**** you jack" effort to retain pensions that cant be afforded, outdated practices that stifle productivity and poor efficiency and levels of waste that simply cannot be supported.

    In reality, if we still had a Labour government, it is likely that we would be in a similar position to Greece right now.

    Not that we are that far off.
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  15. Depends what it is. Most contractors I know have a very strong work ethic and are experts in their field