Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Legs, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. I've bee trawling around some old forums, and this guy keeps cropping up. Even by the standards of NAAFI BAR he stinks. This guy is a plank of the highest order and should be ejected! :evil:
  2. a quick summar of "offences" may be appropriate!!!!!

  3. Please see thread " Phil306 - Oxygen thief : Dicuss "
  4. The last thread like this was whisked straight to the Arrse hole. Why should this be different? Okay it's in the NAAFI bar, but it's not funny and it contains nothing of interest.
  5. I think there's another thread up and coming entitled "IrishDoris" - Oxygen Thief-Discuss
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Never eject people like Dick306 as they offer so much for our enjoyment. A marine with the Bronze star, we should be so proud to know a MARINE from that time. Doughnuts and everything. We love fat cops with issues. We love you DICK Don't go....please......
  7. So, we eject everyone we dont like. Then, eventually we all are roughly the same, yeah that should give us a balanced veiw on things, great lets do it.

    Errrrrrr, no, dont think so!

    So he's an arse who doesnt fit in with your veiws on how the world should be (put simplisticaly), so what thats most of the folk I work with/for/against, live near or know in my life - that's what its called - LIFE, put up with it, its always something else to take the pisss out of.........
  8. This thread belongs in the arrsehole.

    He might very well be a mong and a troll, but I really don't think that someone who has been a member for all of 15 days should be in a position to judge him (unless, Legs, you're one of those cnuts with multiple IDs). He has as much right to speak his tiny little mind as anyone else.
  9. Phil's okay. He has opinions and he genuinely believes in them; that they annoy people is irrelevant.
  10. Call yourselves gentlemen? A mature outlook on life includes accepting that people have different views and beliefs. Because this guy doesnt share your views you ask that he be binned!! Having people around with differing views who are allowed to take part is one of the reasons we are not being run by the National Socialist Party. We have an opposition in government and like it or not its there to provide a balance and to challenge ideas or we would end up in worse poo than we are already in. Now as far as I can see this lad is the holder of some of his countries medals. Thats good enough for me. Leave him alone and take part in some decent discussion.


  11. Why ban him? Is far more fun to slag the little cnut off everytime he pops his head up. Sooner or later he may get the message and just leave of his own accord, which may be used by him as a reason to put himself in for a second Purple Heart for his wounded ego. 8O
  12. How about keeping Phil and binning you ?
  13. Legs, I see you joined the forum on 21st Dec 2005. If this is your first time on here and your only ID then I suggest you let the ink dry before making outragous requests.

  14. Don't you have better things to do with your time than "trawl around some old forums" to see if you think he is a cnut or not?
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I am a moderator on an entirely different website and I have to say that had he posted what he did on that site's message board, by now I'd have had a brazillion* PMs demanding his banning. I too am new to ARRSE and had I been a mod, I would have banned him without second thought. However, after reading the entire thread, I did actually rather enjoy it and, having read other posts here, I now tend to agree that he be left for our enjoyment.

    * George Dubya picks up the morning's world news summary and reads "Three Brazillian Schoolchildren Die In Accident". He passes comment and calls for an aide to format a sympathy message. Then he asks, "Just how many IS a brazillion, anyway?"