Phil Woolas ~ Gurkha Immigration Minister what a CNUT

Should Woolas be demoted as a Minister ?

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Sparky2339 said:
I agree with the first three posters here.

Apart from laughing at the visual and verbal "scolding" that he walked straight into with JL...

I haven't seen an MP on TV looking so uncomfortable/out of place since that fanny (can't mind his name) trying to mouth/sing the Welsh anthem.

Woolas should however, be recognised for his recent (albeit unintended) contribution to comedy in this country.

Maybe Channel 4 will give him a job.
My Bold

That was John Redwood (tory Minister for Wales)

& in regards to Woolas, fuck him off, as he's a cunt.
ten501uk said:
sent an e-mail to him ages ago,and got a diplomatic,if feck off thanks for your comments reply. wish he would feck off and die like the rest of his gubmint. still he is from oldham,lancastrians,i tell ya
No he is'nt.

The piece of shite is from Scunthorpe.

Take away the S and remove 'horpe' and you have it.

I think you should say sorry to Lancashire.

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