Phil Woolas, death threats

Complete cnut and Gurkha hating Phil has " so he says" had death threats from un-named Islamic group. Strangly his main Lib Dem Challenger used to work in Saudi, I am, as we speak collecting to pay for the hit
Do you accept paypal?
You can tell when Woolarse is lying, his lips move.
If he dies as a result of very sharp knife injuries, I may just be able to assist the police with their enquiries. I could narrow it down to about 4,000 serving suspects and a hell of a lot more rather older types!

And I can remember how deadly an Avenger the lovely Joanna was as well! Hmmm hmmm - off for a cold shower now!
Does this man, I use the term loosely, realise how much he is loathed and despised? - or maybe, his pay, allowances, expenses and official car render him immune to the real world.
He's my MP, and a total cock. I'm hoping he fcuks off after the Limp-Dem bloke wins. Islamic group? are you sure it's not the local tory lad Kashif Ali?

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