Phil The Greek In Canada

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

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  2. I should feckin hope so!
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  3. Away from the Mrs. for the weekend?

    He'll be on the sauce!
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  4. eskimo lottery you have to inuit to win it...
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  5. Bad clowning.. poor drills... you missed the BE !! FFS off to clown school you ****.
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  6. There's a lot more detail in the CBC story:
    Prince Philip's love affair with Canada - Canada - CBC News

    The story includes a number of good of photos of Prince Philip and Her Majesty at various points in their life. Here's one with
    "The Queen in her coronation gown and Prince Philip in the uniform of a colonel-in-chief of the Royal Canadian Regiment present a royal picture as they drive in an open carriage to open Canada's Parliament, Oct. 14, 1957. "


    The story mentions that he has visited Canada more than 70 times.

    The story also debunks the supposed "gaffe" where he said of Canada: "we don’t come here for our health, we can think of other ways of spending our time," That comment was taken out of context and what was actually meant was "It was within the context of him talking about how the monarchy was there to serve the people and would be there as long as the people wanted."

    There is a lot more going on than just presenting of new colours. There will be a parade and various military displays. The story mentions this is taking place at "Queen’s Park". This is the location of the provincial (Ontario) capital buildings in Toronto, and is right downtown in the middle of the city. The event is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of York (as Toronto was known then).

    If anyone is the area, it sounds like it would be a very interesting time.
  7. Just a thought. But as it's normal protocol for Princes to do a stint in teh Armed Forces. What do you think if they did a stint in teh Canadian or Australian armed forces instead?
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  8. I can't think of a problem in principle. The problem would be to put it into practise at this time. Perhaps a temporary stint as an exchange officer?

    For the current generation though, I think there's only William and Harry available. The MoD probably wouldn't want to let go of Harry after spending loads of money training him as an Apache pilot, when neither Canada nor Australia have any Apache pilots to lend in return. Perhaps that might change after Afghanistan winds down if the MoD decides to stick some of the Apaches in storage to "save money".

    As for William, the British newspapers would scream bloody murder if Wills and Kate were to hike off to the colonies when a royal baby is on the way. I can't see Cameron being willing to let William out of his clutches for now when there's all that free publicity to be got just by standing near them.

    I think one of the princes (I can't remember who) spent a year in school in Canada as a teenager. Canada doesn't have much in the way of paparazzi and has a fairly robust way of dealing with annoying news twats, so he was able to keep a pretty low profile while he was here.
  9. It has happened IIRC. Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught and (someplace) served in Canada and fought against Fenian invasers in the Battle of Eccles Hill in 1870(??)

    I gather Prince Arthur loved Canada and made many visits and later in life was the Governor General and Viceroy. A Canadian regiment, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was named for Prince Arthur's daughter who was the first Colonel in Chief of the Regiment.
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  10. Bloody Canada.
  11. No Wahs..

    ... I believe it's Henry, not Harold.

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  12. Prince Charles spent a year at some school in Ontario as I recall.