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Took them long enough to figure out that anyone who looks that freaky generally is that freaky and should do time just to correct their maladjusted view of themselves. I hear that getting ones Specter ripped open in the showers can do that. **** Therapy.
Speaking after the verdict, Mr Weinberg congratulated the jury on "trying to do the best honest job they could" with "complete integrity and complete honesty".

But he said the jurors had been flooded with "improper and prejudicial evidence" which made it impossible for them to reach a fair conclusion.

He said he was "very, very certain" that Spector had not been proved guilty "under the proper legal standard".

Mr Weinberg said "the nature of the legal errors" made in the trial were "so significant and so clear that there is every likelihood that this case will be set aside on appeal".

Is this lawyer-speak for 'My client, although being found guilty, cannot be guilty as he is minted. Let me collect some more of his cash while we go through the appeals process'
Hopefully they'll tack some extra time on for what he did to the Beatles "Let it Be" album.
Virgil said:
Hopefully they'll tack some extra time on for what he did to the Beatles "Let it Be" album.

Unchained Melody earned him a trip to the gallows by itself.


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The original jury couldn't decide - FFS :roll: . I don't think it's the quality of the defence lawyers that sees the famous acquitted. The public don't seem to think that someone famous can be wrong 'un.

[Remember the shoplifting case many moons ago in the UK - stack of booze pressed against the side of the trolley so the cashier can't see it two weeks running - not guilty. My anus].
The bird was quite fit


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