Phil Shiner - Karma is a wonderful thing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Mar 1, 2015.

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  1. If the house was classified as "proceeds of crime" would it be sold for the benefit of the State? In that case the daughter would be out and sleeping on someone's sofa surely?
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  2. As an ex member :)p) of the legal profession he will be well aware of the penalties for this.

    He owes this money to HMG. They will not stop looking and have the expertise of HMRC at their disposal.

    Benefits fiddle Britain was on BBC in the week and featured a scammer with a unique business plan where he printed off fake boarding passes and was able to enter/exit duty free zones in UK airports to buy cheap fags which he then sold on.

    They thought he squirreled away £30k and told him to cough up. When he didn't (couldn't?) they put him back in jail for another 5 years. On top of his original sentence of 5 years for the offence in the first place.

    If he has hidden money he is a very stupid Phil indeed.....
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  3. That was what I was wondering.

    If you buy a stolen car, afaik, you have to get the money back from the vendor. Be that the original criminal or a genuine dealer.

    So should chez shinner be seized as assets, would that then mean his daughters are down £300,000 and become claimants on the bankruptcy case?
  4. Let's hope he's been stupid then and ends in prison as some big Jamaicans bitch
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  5. It was a key part of his business plan yes.......
  6. I believe no. She/they would be considered parties to the dodge - and ignorance is no defence.
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  7. There would be a money trail of some sort if the house was legitimately sold, so I would reckon there would be a fair chance her financials would come under scrutiny as she wasn't exactly "definitely not involved" in any of the shenanigans that "daddy's" firm was involved in.
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  8. Nope.
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  9. Yeah when I saw that I laughed, That is so old. It originaly started back in the 70's when some spark had the bright idea of borrowing other passengers boarding passes and get more than the allotted DF's cos no one was mating the BC with the purchase.
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  10. I'd be interested to know if h's paying rent and how
    Has he the cheek to go and claim housing benifit?

    There was aprogram on the other night with some woman claiming housing benifit.
    They had a tip off she slept over at her boyfriends
    They went to her boyfriends with a lod of copers (even the council woman said there's a lot of police) and caught her there.
    They determined she was sleeping their so charged her with fraund for claiming for her own flat which she alos lost.

    God forbid he would be claiming hosing benifit for a rent he's handing to his own daughter.
    Or can she afford to pay £300k for a house when she also is unemployed having worked for daddy in his now defunct company.
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  11. Is that what's known as an oxymoron?
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  12. Live by the fraud, die by the fraud
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  13. Further to that it had very little that I saw of a feminine touch to it, very much a blokes style of decor etc.
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  14. Probably been wandering round asking the local ethnics has anyone been abused by a British Soldier
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  15. If her Daddy's firm has gone bankrupt and she worked for it
    How has she paid for the house?
    It's either a sympathetic banker or a cracking redundancy pay oiff for someone whose only been a solicitor for a couple of years
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